Frustrations at Freight.

Friday 31st January 2014.

Very little to report this morning, frustratingly I missed the loco go though Selhurst this morning at 05:45.

1A60 Sunderland to Kings Cross was worked by 180114 then worked 1N92 on the return.

4E26 Dollans Moor Sidings to Belmont Down Yard worked by 66118.

0O65 Peterborough Maintainance Shed Gbfr to Tonbridge West Yard Gbfr worked by two light locos 66715 and 66712.

4E25 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmoor PS worked by 66200. Watch out for this one as the number is very faded.

6L37 Colas rail liveried 66 number unknown (Let me know if you know what it was) as I followed it on P2 all the way to Ely but never had any consist info on it. EDIT: 66847 hauled this, thanks to u10207420 for the info.

6U15 passed Hornsey as a tamping machine number thought to be DR77904 (to be confirmed) at about 13:30, the number was quite small and was hard to see.

1H04 Kings Cross (13:48) to Hull was worked by 180113.

4E19 passed Hornsey about 14:25 with a Metronet liveried loco but I want unable to see the number (dirty loco) but had a yellow nameplate.

Whilst at Finsbury Park 91119 passed through (approx 15:00)

Finally as I was passing Forest Hill 378154 was departing on an up train.

If you can supply any information on the missing locos please contact me.


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