Surprise at Selhurst

Thursday 30th January 2014.

What a mixed bag today was!

Very early this morning I was amazed to see at Selhurst 57312 in full Network Rail yellow creep through the station at 05:45. It was heading up the 6C72 with a consist of and 66847 at the rear on the Lewes to Hoo Jn up Yd. Thanks to u10207420 for the consist and route informaion.

THe 05:57 Selhurst to Bedford (2V98) consisted of 319430 and 319431, on the approach to Blackfriars the driver that the train had a fault and would terminate short at Blackfriars which it duely did, running as 5V98 to Cricklewood.

At Kings Cross at 06:54 were 91123, 91113, 91132, 91126 and 68028 the current Thunderbird.

About 9:45 66200 went southbound through Hornsey on 6L69 Not sure at this time where it was going from and to. Then a little after midday it reappear going Northbound.

Mid afternoon (approx 14:00) 66745 was shunting yellow ‘Renewing The Tube’ TfL wagons in Ferne Sdgs.

There were a couple of other freight movements but I must have missed them 😦

Still there is always tomorrow.

As an aside, 4 wagons have been delivered to Hornsey on low loaders as part of the new trains work (two on the 29th Jan and two this evening).


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