Busy Week Ending 14/02/2014

It's been a strange old week which has caused me to miss a lot of stuff, but still managed a couple of rare things. Tuesday 11th February 2014. Selhurst. 5P55 05:47 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Tattenham Corner: 377608 [SN]. Hornsey. 5E01 08:85 Willesden T.M.D. to Watton-at-Stone: 313121 [NWR]. 6L69 05:58 Peterborough West Yard to Bow Depot: … Continue reading Busy Week Ending 14/02/2014


Afternoon surprise

Monday 10th February 2014. Well the weather is appalling, miserable and gloomy but this afternoon 1Q06 put a smile on my face. Selhurst 5P55 05:47 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Tattenham Corner: 377608. Hornsey 1H01 07:22 Kings Cross to Hull: 180109 [HT]. 6L69 05:38 Peterborough West Yard to Bow Depot: 66199 [EWS] 6 early. 4E26 07:58 Dollands Moor … Continue reading Afternoon surprise

Bumper Edition

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. Work has been busy (although I have been able to snatch a few moments to post on the Railforums. So here is an end of week bumper edition in a new hopefully more understandable format. Tuesday 4th February 2014 6O02 00:55 Marks Tey Taramc to … Continue reading Bumper Edition

Bumper Monday

Monday 3rd Febuary 2014. Morning kicked off with ECS working at Selhurst of 377621. 2V98 SRS-BFD consisted of 319423 + 319424. 6Y58 04:30 Cliffe Brent Marine to Purley Foster Yeoman was headed by 66105. thanks to 37078xotTE for the info. At Kings Cross 91104 and the Thunderbird is still 67028. 6E25 66xxx passed at about … Continue reading Bumper Monday