Bumper Monday

Monday 3rd Febuary 2014.

Morning kicked off with ECS working at Selhurst of 377621.

2V98 SRS-BFD consisted of 319423 + 319424.

6Y58 04:30 Cliffe Brent Marine to Purley Foster Yeoman was headed by 66105. thanks to 37078xotTE for the info.

At Kings Cross 91104 and the Thunderbird is still 67028.

6E25 66xxx passed at about 08:30.

1D06 91106 08:35 KGX-LDS

1B81 43314+43310 07:20 Lincoln Central-KGX.

5E01 313121 Willesden TMD to Watton at Stone.

1A15 43328+43306 07:34 Harrogate-KGX (4 Late passing Hornsey).

1D71 180107 10:48 KGX-Bradford Interchange (8 Late passing Hornsey).

4E26 66001 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Belmont Down Yd.

Next up was a rare sighting.
1Q19 67020, 977997, 5981, 72631, 977969, 67012 on Derby R.T.C. to Derby R.T.C.

5A70 180101 KGX to Bounds Green ECS at 11:26.

0O67 66729 Peterborough Maintenance Shed Gbrf to Ferme Park Rec Ln Gbrf was 16 late.

4E25 66160 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmor PS.

6X37 66847 Hoo Jn Up Yd to Whitemoor Yd L.D.C. Gbrf

6M34 66606 Ferme Park to Bardon Hill Quarry Fhh left 2 mins early.

0H06 66729 Ferme Park to Peterborough Maintenance Shed Gbrf.

1N93 43xxx/43434 12:53 KGX-Sunderland.

Then a nice light loco movement consisted fo three locos.
0T12 66030+66199+66080 07:19 Whitemoor Yard L.D.C. Gbrf to Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre was running 143 minutes Late.

4E19 66717 11:30 Mountfield Sdgs Gbrf to West Burton S Gbrf.

1D73 180114 14:48 KGX-Bradford interchange.


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