With a little extra at Kings Cross …

Friday 14th March 2014.


7V82 05:02 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Acton T.C. 59102

5P55 05:47 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Tattenham Corner (ECS) 377601 [SN]

Kings Cross (at 0645)

1N80 07:08 Kings CRoss York 91112 [GR]

1D03 07:05 Kings Cross to Leeds 91118 [GR]

1N90 07:52 Kings Cross to Sunderland 43468 & 43467* [GC]

1S06 07:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91129 [GR]

1S05 07:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91102 [GR]

1H01 07:22 Kings Cross to Hull 180113 [HT]

1A00 07:00 Newark North Gate to Kings Cross 91104 [GR]


1A04 06:06 Leeds to Kings Cross 43309 & 43315* [GR]

1Y05 05:25 Newcastle to Kings Cross 91108 [GR]

1A91 06:25 Hull to Kings Cross 180109 [HT]

6L69 05:58 Peterborough West Yard to Bow Depot 66053 [EWS]

5E01 08:50 Willesden T.M.D to Watton-at-Stone 313121 [NWR] 87 minutes early

4E26 07:50 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourne Sdg 66168 [EWS]

0O69 09:58 Peterboro Maint Shed Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 66720, 66710 & 66710 [Gbrf]

4E25 11:25 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmor P S 66053

6L37 09:58 Hoo Junction Up Yard to Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf 66728

* Thanks to tcm1106 for the missing info.


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