Returning to service with a 387 or three.

Not been about much to be honest folks. In fact been on here so little I had to reset my password as I forgot it !!!!!!!

Well I have been raiding my 2TB external drive for photos and I have created a Flickr account to show them so here it is:

Flickr Addy

Also I will try to use my Twitter account a bit more (Don’t bank on it though)

Included in the Flickr are a couple of photos of the new Thameslink Class 387 stock taken on my phone (cannot be bothered to cart a EOS 7D to and from work).

Managed to catch 387106 & 387108 on the 06:32 East Croydon to St. Pancras on Thursday (11/12/2014) morning it was 387108s first day in passenger service. Then yesterday (12/12/2014) I managed to catch the 15:40 St. Pancras to East Croydon on 387108 & 387107 (no photos though)

387108 on its First Day in service at St. Pancras

387108 on its First Day in service at St. Pancras

The diagram the new 387s have been following are:

2T02 05:40 BTN – BDM
2T23 08:24 BMD – BTN
2T30 11:07 BTN – BDM
1T41 14:40 BDM – BTN
1W97 17:24 BTN – BDM
2T73 21:22 BDM – BTN

New ones may be introduced from Monday 15th December 2014 on the new timetable.


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