387 Diagrams until …. Saturday

This week diagrams only last this week with the London Bridge block coming next week which requires a rewritten timetable.

2T00 0510 Brighton to Bedford
1J88 0758 Bedford to Elephant & Castle
1G91 1618 Elephant & Castle to Bedford
1T53 1734 Bedford to Brighton
1T56 2034 Brighton to Bedford

2W87 0142 Bedford to Three Bridge
2W92 0416 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W84 0654 Bedford to Brighton
1T12 0934 Brighton to Bedford
1T31 1210 Bedford to Brighton
2T44 1437 Brighton to Bedford
1W61 1720 Bedford to Brighton
2T66 2007 Brighton to Bedford

2W93 0312 Bedford to Brighton
1W08 0624 Brighton to Bedford
2T27 0924 Bedford to Brighton
1T22 1204 Brighton to Bedford
1T41 1440 Bedford to Brighton
1W97 1724 Brighton to Bedford
2T77 2222 Bedford to Brighton

303/304 currently being 377 vice 387 recently.

Soon as I hear of the new diagrams from 20th December 2014 I will add a new post.

[Info from Mackenzie on Yahoo Groups]


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