Cancellations but still on time!

Thursday 18th December 2014.
Morning all,

I hope you are well today.

Arriving at Selhurst today I just missed the 2V94 05:36 Selhurst to Luton [TL] train by about 10 seconds. Sadly the following TL service 2V98 05:51 was cancelled … as was the 05:54 2P09 Redhill to Victoria. Very infuriating. So this left the 06:06 from Selhurst (ex Epsom) service to Victoria which was formed of a 377/7 unit then the underground and eventually at work on time !!!! Crazy.

Here are todays offerings as at 14:25 (Haulage in blue as usual):

5M55 05:43 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Junction 377704 [SN]
1D14 05:30 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442406 [GX]
5G11 05:22 London Victoria to East Croydon 377137 & 377430 [SN]
1D16 05:45 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442422 [GX]
2L02 05:52 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377407 [SN]
2R07 05:39 Epsom to London Victoria 377707 [SN] New Haulage and completion of the 377/7s

Highbury & Islington
2F07 06:49 Moorgate to Stevenage 313030 & 313057 [GN]

4E19 11:30 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf) to Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf 66715 [Gbrf]
0Z67 14:17 Willesden Eurotermnal Gbrf to Peterboro Maint Shed Gbrf 66765 [Gbrf]
2J00 14:50 Letchworth to Moorgate 313028 & 313037 [GN]

Finsbury Park
1P67 14:46 Peterborough to London Kings Cross 317-345 [GN]

St. Pancras
1T43 1510 Bedford to Brighton 319432 & 319424 [TL]


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