Fridays Fings … 30/01/2015

A very good morning to you all. TGIF I suspect for everyone who has been travelling through the core this week, as it has not been the best. Thameslink/GTR have done their best to well done to them for the information, fast response with emergency timetables and printable too. Let's hope that Network Rail and … Continue reading Fridays Fings … 30/01/2015


387s 30/1/2015

Morning all, Looks like the core is open and the 387s are out and about. The Diagram times are here So this is what is out and about: Diagram: 301/302 = 387112/387118 Diagram: 303/304 = 387108/387109 Diagram: 305/306 = 387117/387106 Diagram: 307/308 = 387110/387115 Diagram: 309/310 = 387107/387114

387s on 29/01/2015

To be honest folks I have NO IDEA what ones are running today. Best to check the NationalRail Website (there is a pdf of the timetable on there). If I can locate any during the day (work permitting) I will of course post ASAP on this thread. Good luck. 08:00: Checked on P2 system - … Continue reading 387s on 29/01/2015

29/01/2015 – Closed Core again

Another day another .... load of problems on Thameslink to quote NationalRail website "A signalling problem caused by flooding near Farringdon is causing disruption to Thameslink services. Until at least the end of service on Thursday 29 January there will be no service between London St Pancras International and Farringdon. There is no firm estimate … Continue reading 29/01/2015 – Closed Core again