A Broken Window Leads To Work.

Hi all,

We ll the day started off interestingly. 319435 (with 319440 on the rear)came in and one of the windows in first class had been shattered on route from Cricklewood (as 5V98 to form 2V98). I spoke to the driver who, after contacting control, took the train out of service and it ran ECS to Bedford for repair. As it left St. Pancras I noticed one of the door windows was also shattered. I hope it was some ballast and not someone taking pot shots with an airgun!

Tueday 13th January 2015.
5L01 05:21 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377411, 377422 & 377431 [SN]
1D14 05:30 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442404 [GX]
5M05 05:15 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Junction 377705 [SN]
1U13 05:20 Gatwick Airport to London Victoria 442402, 442402 strong> [GX]
2F04 05:32 London Victoria to Ore 377474 [SN]
5V98 05:57 Selhurst to Bedford 319435 & 319440 [TL]

Kings Cross
1C42 06:52 Kings Cross to Cambridge 317348 [GN]
Thunderbird is 67016

Finsbury Park
2F07 06:50 Moorgate to Stevenage 313123 & 313060 [GN]

4E26 07:50 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourne Sdg 66001 [EWS]
2K02 15:24 Stevenage to Moorgate 313064 [GN]

Finsbury Park
2C51 14:55 Cambridge to London Kings Cross 317337 [GN]

St. Pancras
1W43 15:24 Bedford to Brighton 387107 & 387114 [TL]

East Croydon
2M55 17:10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes Central 377204 & 377203


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