387s Thursday 15th Jan 2015

Updated: 11:30
387 107/114
1W04 05:44 Brighton to Bedford
2W23 08:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W30 11:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W43 13:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
1W92 16:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W57 18:24 Bedford to Brighton
1W68 21:30 Brighton to Bedford

1H83 06:34 Bedford to Beckenham Junction
1G63 08:02 Beckenham Junction to Bedford
1W21 09:54 Bedford to Brighton
1W32 12:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W43 15:24 Bedford to Brighton * see below
1B50 18:28 Brighton to London Bridge
1B55 19:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1W66 21:02 Brighton to Bedford

1W01 04:16 Bedford to Brighton
1W83 07:24 Brighton to Bedford
1W23 10:24 Bedford to Brighton
1W34 13:08 Brighton to Bedford
1W45 16:46 Bedford to Brighton
1W56 18:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W69 21:22 Bedford to Brighton

1W03 04:46 Bedford to Brighton
1W14 07:48 Brighton to Bedford
2W31 10:40 Bedford to Brighton
2W38 13:14 Brighton to Bedford
1H66 15:40 Bedford to Beckenham Junction
1G79 17:30 Beckenham Junction to Bedford
1W61 19:26 Bedford to Brighton
1W72 22:30 Brighton to Bedford

* 1W43 arrived at St. Pancras as just a 4 car. On train announcement said it was due to a technical issue. This meant that 387111 had been removed from the train at Bedford.


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