Thursday Things ….


Thursday 15th January 2015.
5L01 05:21 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377429, 377420, 373471 [SN]
1U13 05:20 Gatwick Airport to London Victoria 442409 [GX]
1D14 05:30 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442424 [GX]
5M05 05:15 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Junction 377704 [SN]
2F04 05:32 Victoria to Ore 377455 [SN]
5G11 05:28 Victoria to East Croydon 377475, 377425 [SN]
2V98 05:57 Selhurst to Bedford 319451 & 319452 [TL]

2E07 0642 London Blackfriars to Sevenoaks 319445 & 319378 [TL]

St. Pancras 06:40
1D09 07:28 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222013 [EM]
9I10 06:50 St Pancras International to Bruxelles Midi 373229 [ES]
9O04 07:00 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 373014 [ES]
9S25 06:29 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International373022 [ES]

Kings Cross
1C42 06:52 Kings Cross to Cambridge 317345 [GN]

Thunderbird is 67016</strong

Finsbury Park
2F07 06:50 Moorgate to Stevenage 313057 & 313051 [GN]

66066 shunting behind the station.
321321 awaiting a turn on the wheel lathe
2K02 15:24 Stevenage to Moorgate 313060 [GN]

Finsbury Park
2C51 14:55 Cambridge to London Kings Cross 317341 [GN]

St. Pancras
1W43 15:24 Bedford to Brighton 387112 [TL] 4 vice 8. This was due to 387111 being removed at Bedford with technical issues.

East Croydon
2M55 17:10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes Central 377204 & 377203


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