Monday 2nd March 2015

  Updated: 08:45 03/03/2015.
Monday kicked off with sighting of the “new” Virgin Trains liveried locos at Kings Cross. It appears that as an interim livery a diagonal red stripe has been applied across the locos body-side with Virgin picked out in white/grey. Defiantly 91122 and 91117 were in this this morning. 11:00 KGX-EDB was resplendent in it’s NEW VT Livery with 91124 at the front.

Monday 3rd March 2015.
2A11 05:01 Three Bridges to London Victoria 377460, 377465 [SN]
2V94 05:36 Selhurst to Luton 319216, 319455 [TL]
5L01 05:21 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377423, 377101, 377132 [SN]
1U13 05:20 Gatwick Airport to London Victoria 442422, 442420 [GX]
5M05 05:15 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Junction 377705 [SN]
1D14 05:30 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442401 [GX]
2F04 05:32 Victoria to Ore 377106 [SN]
5G11 05:28 Victoria to East Croydon 377124, 377474 [SN]
2V98 05:57 Selhurst to Bedford 319442, 319426 [TL]

Herne Hill
1W03 04:46 Bedford to Brighton 387117, 387122 [TL]

2E07 0642 London Blackfriars to Sevenoaks 319439, 319006 [TL]

St. Pancras
1D06 06:52 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222021 [EM]
1D09 07:28 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222013 [EM]
1F10 07:58 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222005 [EM]

9S21 05:34 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International 373215 [ES]
9O04 07:00 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 373002 [ES]
9I10 06:50 St Pancras International to Bruxelles Midi 373222 [ES]
9O08 07:55 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 373214 [ES]
9S25 06:29 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International37209 [ES]

Kings Cross (06:55)
1C42 06:52 Kings Cross to Cambridge 317340 [GN]
1N80 07:08 Kings Cross York 91122 [VT]
1D04 0735 London Kings Cross to Leeds 91117 [VT]
Thunderbird is 67024
*From Sunday 1st March 2015 Virgin Trains branding has been aplied to East Coast [GR] services and therefore shown on the blog as [VT] henceforth.
Finsbury Park
2V09 07:05 Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City 313024, 313122 [GN]

03179 24 road.
6L69 05:58 Peterborough West Yard to Bow Depot 66169 [EWS]
4E26 07:50 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourne Sdg 66104 [EWS]
4E25 11:25 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmor P S 66169 [EWS]
1S13 11:00 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91124 [VT]
5A70 1126 London Kings Cross to Bounds Green T&R.S.M.D 180105 [GC]
4E19 11:30 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf) to West Burton Ps (Gbrf) 66750 [Gbrf]
2K02 15:24 Stevenage to Moorgate 313033 [GN]

Finsbury Park
1A33 13:45 Leeds to London Kings Cross 43058, 43052 [VT] Set on hire from East Midlands Trains.
2C51 14:55 Cambridge to London Kings Cross 317347 [GN]

St. Pancras
1W43 15:24 Bedford to Brighton 387108, 387110 [TL]

1K87 16:55 London Blackfriars to Dover Priory 375310, 375307 [SE]

Elephant and Castle
2W48 15:44 Three Bridges to Bedford
387106, 387118 [TL] 8 late

Herne Hill
2O78 16:07 Sutton (Surrey) to Luton 319372 [TL]

Tulse Hill
1W92 1614 Three Bridges to Bedford 387115, 387121 [TL]

Bromley Junction
2S53 16:33 Sutton (Surrey) to London Victoria 377602, 377609 [SN]

East Croydon
DR73917 just North of the station.
2M55 17:10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes Central 377206, 377203 [SN]
2A94 16:19 Tonbridge to London Victoria 377161 [SN]
1D08 16:59 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442413 </strong [GX]

Windmill Bridge
9D48 17:09 West Croydon to Dalston Junction
378147 [LO]


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