[Sightings] Monday 9 – Mar – 2015

  Updated: 09:30 10/3/15.
What the hell is going on at the moment????????
Seriously it’s a good question. Last night (I write this on Tues Morning) RTT was not showing some Bedford to Brighton trains as cancelled. So I only found out once on the platform at St. Pancras! 1W43 (387119 would have been a cop for haulage last night) was cancelled and I( had to go via the grumpy barrier staff on the tube to Victoria where again it appeared that the Chuckle Brothers (or Laurel and Hardy depending on age) were in charge of the information. Having told people that the 16:23 on platform 17 had no train crew, I saw the 16:49 Reigate/Three Bridges train on Platform 19 and got on it. But within a couple of minutes they announce no train crew for that one and to go to platform 18 for the 16:53 East Grinstead. As I got there Platform 17 was empty and the 16:23 Caterham had departed !!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chuckle Brothers !

Monday 9th March 2015.
2P05 05:26 Selhurst to London Victoria 377327, 377138, 377324 [SN] 16 late
2A11 05:01 Three Bridges to London Victoria 377131 & 377153 [SN]
5L01 05:21 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377150, 377132, 377201 [SN]
1U13 05:20 Gatwick Airport to London Victoria 442413, 442406 [GX]
1D14 05:30 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 442420 [GX]
2V94 05:36 Selhurst to Luton 319372, 319??? [TL] 8 late
2F04 05:32 Victoria to Ore 377145 [SN]
5M05 05:15 Selhurst T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Junction 377702 [SN]
5G11 05:28 Victoria to East Croydon 377437, 377439 [SN]
2V98 05:57 Selhurst to Bedford 319421, 319003 [TL]

Herne Hill
1W03 04:46 Bedford to Brighton 387118, 387105 [TL]

2E07 0642 London Blackfriars to Sevenoaks [TL] Cancelled

St. Pancras
1D06 06:52 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222017 [EM]
1D09 07:28 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222018 [EM]
1F10 07:58 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222002 [EM]

9S21 05:34 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International 373208 [ES]
9O08 07:55 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 373010 [ES]
9I10 06:50 St Pancras International to Bruxelles Midi 373222 [ES]
9O04 07:00 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 373103 [ES]
9S25 06:29 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International373216 [ES]
9S21 05:34 Temple Mills Recp to St Pancras International 373105 [ES]

Kings Cross (06:55)
1C42 06:52 Kings Cross to Cambridge 321420 [GN]
1H01 07:22 Kings Cross to Hull 180110 [HT]
1S05 07:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91132 [GR]
1D03 07:05 Kings Cross to Leeds 91116 [GR]
1N80 07:08 Kings Cross York 91111 [GR]
Thunderbird is 67022

Finsbury Park
2V09 07:05 Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City 313031, 313028 [GN]

03179 24 road.
5E01 0850 Willesden T.M.D to Watton-at-Stone 313121 </strong [NWR]
6L69 05:58 Peterborough West Yard to Bow Depot
66121 [EWS]
4E25 11:25 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmor P S 66119
4E19 11:30 Mountfield Sidings (Gbrf) to West Burton Ps (Gbrf) 66765 [Gbrf]
1Q07 0854 Heaton T&R.S.M.D. to Cambridge C.S.D. 43014, 43013 [NWR]
6X01 1150 Doncaster Up Decoy to Eastleigh East Yard 66065 [EWS]
2K02 15:24 Stevenage to Moorgate 3130032 [GN]

Finsbury Park
2C51 14:55 Cambridge to London Kings Cross 317337 [GN]

2A40 1649 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport and Reigate 377136, 377437 [SN]
2L46 1653 London Victoria to East Grinstead 377142, 377406 [SN]


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