387 allocations 16/04/2015

16 – April – 2015 Major alterations to all Thameslink trains. Please DO NOT RELY on the diagrams. Refer to National Rail for times. Please can you let me know what 387s you see today (Unit, location, Time any other info). THANKS 🙂 I will updated as and when I can.

1W04 05:44 Brighton to Bedford [Cancelled]
2W23 08:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W30 11:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W43 13:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
1W92 16:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W57 18:24 Bedford to Brighton
1W68 21:30 Brighton to Bedford

1H83 06:34 Bedford to Beckenham Junction [Start at BFR]
1G63 08:02 Beckenham Junction to Bedford
1W21 09:54 Bedford to Brighton
1W32 12:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W43 15:24 Bedford to Brighton
1B50 18:28 Brighton to London Bridge
1B55 19:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1W66 21:02 Brighton to Bedford

1W01 04:16 Bedford to Brighton
1W83 07:24 Brighton to Bedford [Cancelled]
1W23 10:24 Bedford to Brighton
1W34 13:08 Brighton to Bedford
1W45 16:46 Bedford to Brighton
1W56 18:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W69 21:22 Bedford to Brighton
1W00 05:10 Brighton to Bedford [Start Preston Park]
1J88 07:58 Bedford to Elephant & Castle
1G69 10:04 Elephant & Castle to Bedford
1W29 11:54 Bedford to Brighton
1W40 14:38 Brighton to Bedford
2W61 17:20 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W62 19:44 Three Bridges to Bedford

2W87 01:42 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W92 04:16 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W84 06:54 Bedford to Brighton
1B14 09:28 Brighton to London Bridge
1B19 10:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1B24 11:56 Brighton to London Bridge
1B29 13:12 London Bridge to Brighton
1B36 14:56 Brighton to London Bridge
1B41 16:12 London Bridge to Brighton
1W97 17:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W73 22:22 Bedford to Brighton

2W93 03:12 Bedford to Brighton
1W08 06:22 Brighton to Bedford
1W19 09:24 Bedford to Brighton
1W30 12:08 Brighton to Bedford
1W41 14:54 Bedford to Brighton
1B48 17:56 Brighton to London Bridge
1B53 19:12 London Bridge to Brighton

313/314 387114/387126
1W03 04:46 Bedford to Brighton [Start Preston Park]
1W14 07:48 Brighton to Bedford
2W31 10:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W38 13:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
1H66 15:40 Bedford to Beckenham Junction
1G79 17:30 Beckenham Junction to Bedford
1W61 19:26 Bedford to Brighton
1W72 22:20 Brighton to Bedford

315/316 387127/387113
1W06 06:04 Brighton to Bedford [Starts Preston Park]
1W17 08:54 Bedford to Brighton
1W28 11:38 Brighton to Bedford
1W39 14:24 Bedford to Brighton
1B46 17:26 Brighton to London Bridge
1B51 18:42 London Bridge to Brighton
2W64 19:56 Brighton to Bedford
2W79 22:42 Bedford to Three Bridges

2W84 01:16 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W07 05:58 Bedford to Brighton
1B12 08:56 Brighton to London Bridge
1B17 10:12 London Bridge to Brighton
1B22 11:28 Brighton to London Bridge
1B27 12:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1B38 15:28 Brighton to London Bridge
1B43 16:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1W54 18:06 Brighton to Bedford
1W67 20:52 Bedford to Brighton
2W82 00:10 Brighton to Bedford

2W03 03:42 Bedford to Brighton
1W81 07:00 Brighton to Bedford [Starts Preston Park]
2W27 09:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W34 12:14 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W47 14:40 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W52 17:14 Three Bridges to Bedford

2W19 07:24 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W24 09:44 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W37 12:10 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W44 14:44 Three Bridges to Bedford
1H95 16:59 Bedford to Beckenham Junction
1G63 18:30 Beckenham Junction to Bedford
1W65 20:22 Bedford to Brighton
2W80 23:36 Brighton to Bedford


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