First Post – Amazing Yarmouth trip.

Well it’ll be all downhill after this post. HA HA HA.

Had a great trip up to Great Yarmouth yesterday, great for a couple of reasons. One was that there were top and tail 37s running between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and two was that the Yarmouth brings back some great memories of the first holiday with my wife (then girlfriend).

Leaving home dead early I sat at Selhurst station waiting for my train, passing through at that time were:

377702 (5M07 SRS-CLJ) ECS
442406 (1D14 VIC-GTW)
377137, 377472 (2A14 VIC-BTN/LIT)
442404 (1D16 VIC-GTW)
377703 (2R05 SRS-VIC)

Up in the front carriage, it was quiet. Whilst stopping at Streatham Common 442418 (1D18 VIC GTW) passed and at Balham 442411 (1U13 GTW-VIC) passed heading London bound.

With the Circle/District lines out of use due to Engineering works I decided that Liverpool street would be best reached by using the Victoria line (set 11093) to Oxford Circus then a Central line (Set 91023). Time was running out and I was beginning to think I might just miss my train.

I made it onto platform 10 at 06:55 for my train. 90004 was pulling in to platform 9 as I started to go up platform 10. 90003 formed the 07:00 (1P06 LST-NRW). Noted whilst departing Liverpool Street were:
315839,315847 (2W16 LST-???), 315861, 315844 (2C05 ???-LST)
At Ilford:
321421 (stabled)
Gidea Park:
315850, 315825, 315856, 315824, 315849.
321345, 360120, 360101, 321339.
360106 (2F12 MNG-WON I think although I did note down Harwich for some reason).
90011 (1P15 NRW-LST), 321434, 321331, 156419 (2W06 HPQ-CBG), 170206 (2D07 IPS-LWT), 66587 (light loco [Info required]).
At Crown Point depot; 90001, 08754, 90034.
Station; 156416, 37059, 37419.

And now for the reason I was there. Direct Rail Services (DRS) have leased Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA) class 37 locos and three carriages all decked out in the DRS livery. I got the diagrams for the locos off of Rail Forums.

37405 top and tailed with 37425 (2C50 NRW-GYM) left Norwich 9 minutes late. Once at Great Yarmouth I stayed on the train with it forming 2C51 GYM-NRW. For those interested the consist of the carriages were 6045, 6117, 9025 (?).

37425 at Great Yarmouth_

37425 at Great Yarmouth_

At Norwich I managed to see 90002 before it left to Liverpool Street. On the return leg (2C52 NRW-GYM) the brace of 37s passed 90001 and 90005 in Crown Point depot. I decided at Great Yarmouth to take a lunch break and a photo oppotunity. Whilst on platform 2 waiting for the locos to head back to Norwich, 153306, 153332 (2P18 NRW-GYM) arrived on platform 1.

I can recommend the The Troll Cart in town. A burger and a Cider (Thatchers Gold of course) later I was heading back to the station.

I managed a few photos in town but I did manage to get a lot of Great Yarmouth station and signalbox before jumping back on the 37s (2C59 GYM-NRW) back to Norwich.

Once back there I had a little time to wait for my train back to London. There was a bit of movement and observed were:
90014 (1P41 NRW-LST), 158864 (1R94 NRW-LIV), 156417 (2P22 NRW-GYM) , 170204 (1K79 NRW-CBG), 156407 (2S15 SHM-NRW), 90003 (1P26 LST-NRW).

90012 (1P43 NRW-LST) left on time with me on it. Outside Crown Point 170201 was sat idling and around the back was 08874.

On the way back sighted was;
66524, 170206, 360102, 360108, 90013.
321359, 321477, 360121, DR73117 (?).
321332, 321435
Unknown location:
315846, 315826, 315861, 315840, 315852.
Gidea Park Area:
315848, 315849, 315856, 3158553, 315860, 315832, 315829.
Seven Kings:
321323, 321306.
90007 (1K62 NRW-LST), 321429, 321443 (2F68 LST-COL).
Liverpool Street:
379028, 379009, 317509, 379016.
Catching the Central line (set 91095) to Oxford Circus i then caught the Victoria line (set 11075)

At Victoria I could have caught the 16:23 back to Selhurst but alas that was a 455 and I really did not want to end the day on one of those so I decided to wait for the 16:33 (2R86 VIC-SUO). Sadly 455844 turned up. I do so hate 455s!

Back to the Mundane as of Monday.

Please leave comments, if you know what workings the trains above made that i have missed out let me know or if you find any errors get in touch. 🙂

Miles Travelled Today: 323m 50ch
Trips: 8
New Haulage: (18/07) 90003, 37405, 90014.


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