Observations on 23/07/2015

[Update: 08:30]

Bit cold at Selhurst at 05:25 this morning. The 05:26 to Victoria arrived a minute or so late with 377325, 377317, 377143 (2P05 SRS-VIC), next up was the GX 442412, 442413 (1D12 VIC-GTW). I have to really get out there and get as many 442s as possible with the construction of the 387/2s going on at Derby. The first of only two Thameslink trains arrived as 319008, 319422 (2V94 SRS-LUT) which almost obscured the view of the East Grinstead ECS (5L01 VIC-EGR) but I managed to get the numbers; 377408, 377424, 377458. Just after its departure the late running (that’s every morning this week) 377136, 377159 (2A11 BTN-VIC) arrived on platform 4. ECS are interesting, mainly I like them becuse of watching people assume (usually with their headphones on) that the train is in service and the rush to to doors frantically pressing the button only for the unit to pull away LOL this was the case again this morning with 377708 (5M05 SRS-CLJ), there was no such issue on platform 1 when 6O43 Pengam Reception sdgs Gbrf to Crawley New Yard (Gbrf) made a thunderous pass with 66723 heading the way. Incidentally the first freight I have seen this week at Selhurst. Northbound 442411, 442416 (1U13 GTW-VIC) was passed by 442417 (1D14 VIC-GTW). Platform 3 is the busiest at this time of the morning 377438 headed South (2F04 VIC-ORE) then that was followed by 377425, 377429 (5G11 VIC-ECR) ECS. As that one arrived so did 377505, 377209 (2V98 SRS-BDM).

At Norbury 442420 (1D16 VIC-GTW) was going a little slower than normal hence being able to get the number. Again I appear to have missed 1W03 BDM-BTN which is 2×387.

Upstairs at St. Pancras in the desperate attempt to get that last remaining 395 but alas it was not there, but these were:
395019 (1J06 STP-RAM).
395022 (5T94 STP-MDW).
395023 (1F08 STP-FAV).

At Kings Cross my train, which is usually platform 9 was in very early on platform 7 317346 (1C42 KGX-CBG) with the honours. and for those interested: 67021 is once again the Thunderbird. Finsbury Park hosted 313039, 313018 (2F07 MOG-SVG) at 07:02.

At 09:50 66176 was hauling the plasmors: WBAE DON UPDCY 236H86C722 6 * BOW DEPOT N 4E25 4D A

Miles Traveled Today: 33m 58ch (by the time I gt home)Trips: 7
New Haulage: NIL.
Red Pen Sightings: 4 (73128, 73963, 466033, 466011)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting.


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