Observations: 24/07/2015, 25/07/2015

Sorry folks,

Friday was a very BAD day and I just couldn’t bring myself to write on here. Not something I can talk about publicly, anyways … back to the trains.

Quite a bit of activity at Selhurst on the morning 442418, 442408 were in charge of duties on 1D12 VIC-GTW with 2A11 BTN-VIC (again late) formed of 377406, 377128. Then following 2A11 was 1U13 GTW-VIC 442402, 442417 then 319443, 319219 arrived on platform 2 with 2V94 SRS-LUT. Usually 5L01 VIC-EGR empties stop at Selhurst on platform 1 for the crew to board, this morning 377450, 377134, 377465 arrived on platform 3. 5M05 SRS-CLJ ECS was formed of 377703 on platform 2 and cleared out in time for me to see 6Z44 0314 Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf to Crawley New Yard (Gbrf) thunder through with 66723 on the front. 442413 was on 1D14 VIC-GTW which was followed south by 2F04 VIC-ORE 377425. My train arrived in the shape of 377511, 377513 2V98 SRS-BDM.

Due to the aforementioned lack of mojo, I didn’t go up to St. Pancras SE platforms. At Kings Cross 317347 1C42 KGX-CBG took me to Finsbury Park and once there I boarded 2F07 MOG-SVG 313063, 313044.

At Hornsey I only managed to catch 66160 on 4E26 0813 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourne Sdg. On the way home I managed to catch 2J72 LET-MOG 313037, 313031 to ‘The Park’ then 365505 took me into to ‘The Cross’ (1P656 PBO-KGX).

At St Pancras Low Level, 1W39 saw me finally complete the 387s (104) for haulage. 387104, 387107 1W39 BDM-BTN. Whilst on it I saw 2Y90 BFR-ORP in the form of 465029, 465156. Then a little later I saw 375904, 375711 (1P42 RAM-VIC)

Miles Traveled Today: 33m 58ch
Trips: 7
New Haulage: NIL.
Red Pen Sightings: 2 (375904, 375711)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting

Saturday was an unexpected trip out with wife and daughter to London for a walk (camera was of course taken). Sadly I had to catch 455815 2P29 CAT-VIC (oh how I dislike these boxes). Then on the Circle Line to Notting Hill Gate courtesy of 21443 and Central Line 91231 to Holland Park.

On the return we caught the train from Shepherds Bush. 0Z60 Headed North with 66107 light engine then 6O67 1405 Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd to Dollands Moor Sdgs headed by 92042.
Our train home was 377703 2O51 MKC-SCY.

Miles Traveled Today: tba
Trips: 4
New Haulage: 21443, 91231.
Red Pen Sightings: 2 (66107, 92046)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting



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