Friday 31/07/2015 Observations.

With a lovely orange sunrise over Selhurst Depot this morning I was feeling rather tired. Last night I had planned on popping around to the station and watching (and photographing) 6X66 2320 Dollands Moor (Gbrf) to 3bdgs Up Thameslink Depot the delivery path of the new 700106 unit. I was tired anyway but I fell asleep at 8pm and slept through to 4:45 this morning and therefore missed it!

So instead of a narrative of last night you lucky people get the usual stuff. 2A11 BTN-VIC maintained two in a row this morning with 377405, 377417 being on time. Then 1D12 VIC-GTW formed of 442413, 442408 went through platform 1 quite slowly. as 2V94 SRS-LUT 319011, 319??? came in on platform 2 which messed me up a little. From Open Train Times and Real Time Trains I saw approaching 6O03 2232 Cardiff Docks Ryans F.W. to Crawley New Yard R.M.C. coming so I walked to the country end to get a look at it. Froim behind me I heard something and turned to see 6Z08 0530 East Croydon Up Sidings to Hither Green P.A.D. DR79200-A passing through platform 4. 2V94 left and in came 6O03 as 66107. DR79200-A is a Loram Schweebau SPM L15 rail-grinder train so that’s another track machine I have seen this week. 1U13 GTW-VIC followed it North with 442418, 442409 as 5L01 VIC-EGR was formed of 377129, 377156 (8 vice 12). 1D14 VIC-GTW formed of 442415 sped through platform 3 as 5M05 SRS-CLJ ECS 377705 collected the guard on platform 2. Looking at OTT again, 6O43 0025 Pengam Reception Sdgs Gbrf to Crawley New Yard (Gbrf) was coming through with 66758 on the front. 2F04 VIC-ORE was along side it on the fast line with 377415 itching to overtake it. No sooner than the 66 passed then in came 377214, 377211 2V98 SRS-BDM to take me to work, a whole 5 minutes early. Sitting at my table I lokked out to see 5G11 VIC-ECR ECS arrive on platform 3 377429, 377452.

Herne Hill revealed 377113, 387111 on 1W03 BDM-BTN today.

St. Pancras I had a lot to do in a little time so I wouldn’t miss my train. 1J06 STP-RAM left with 395012 on it, 5T94 STP-MDW had 395004 and on platform 13 395022 waited to take 1F08 STP-FAV. A rish then to get lotto tickets, Model Rail magazine and then over to Kings Cross for 1C42 KIG-CBG 365508. At Finsbury Park 313032, 313024 2F07 MOG-SVG left on time and I saw 66106 (between wagons!) in Ferme Park.

Let’s see what today brings passing Hornsey. But it is going to be a testing day to be honest. After work we have a leaving doo for four very long serving staff members who are leaving us, more are to follow and my own departure from this wonderful Depot is coming. When it does this blog will get pretty damn boring as I won’t be travelling by train to/from work šŸ˜¦ I will be walking. I thoroughly enjoy my travelling (apart from the delays/cancellations) so things are not looking up.

Updates later dear readers.

Miles Traveled Today: Unknown as yet.
New Haulage: 0.
Red Pen Sightings: NIL (-)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting.


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