06/08/2015 Observations.

Sorry for the late post everyone. Thursday was an intense day, very busy and also trying to get the SN cl.313 diagrams sorted … almost there.

1D12 VIC-GTW was 442404, 442405 with 387123, 387105 arriving at the same time with 2W03 BDM-BTN. 2A11 BTN-VIC was on time with 377424, 377420 , 2V94 SRS-LUT arrived from the North with 319432, 319423. 5L01 VIC-EGR ecs arrived on platform 1 with 377442, 377111, 377152 forming the service. 442407, 442408 was on 1U13 GTW-VIC then onto platform 2 came 377707 with 5M05 SRS-CLJ. 1D14 was 442403 which arrived at the same time as 2V98 SRS-BDM 377511, 377513 (05:44 which is well early). From the train I saw 2F04 VIC-ORE 3771621 and 5G11 VIC-ECR ecs 377148, 377438.

At Herne Hill 1W03 BDM-BTN passed with 387107, 387110.

At Kings Cross 1C42 KGX-CBG 365503 left right time and passed 67029, the Thunderbird. It was a normal morning and 2F07 MOG-SVG 313036, 313122 got me to Hornsey for work.

Today was a good day freight wise. For some reason the 4E26 Dollands Moor to Scunthorpe has been cancelled all week and I missed 6L69 (or 6H86 depending on where it started). Things looked up when 6O65 Peterboro Maint Shed Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf passed with 66721 at the front. Then 6L37 0958 Hoo Junction Up Yard to Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf was formed of 70805 and 66520 🙂 6M05 Barrington Unloading Pad to Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre powered through Hornsey with 66138 in charge. Homeward bound with 2K02 WGC-MOG 313061 to Finsbury Park where 317341 2C51 CBG-KGX too me in the Kings Cross. Because of the tube strike it was hellishly busy all the way down on 387108, 387126 1W43 BDM-BTN.

I must say now how much I like the new Blue (395 clone) livery of the 375s. 1K87 BFR-DVP was in platform 3 at Blackfriars and 375306 was on the country end where as the new look 375303 was on the rear and really did look good.

Miles Traveled Today: 33m 58ch
Trips: 7
New Haulage: 0.
Red Pen Sightings: 3 (66721, 70805, 66520)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting.


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