F-F-F-Friday 07/08/2015 Observations

TGIF … been one stressful and awkward week.

The usual things to report today. 2W03 BDM-BTN 387107, 387110 stopped on platform 1 and 1D12 slid though platform 3 with 442416, 442405. From the North arrived 5V94 which form 2V94 SRS-LUT 319373, 319011 providing the units. 2A11 BTN-VIC managed to make a whole week of right time with 377449, 377413, which was followed by 1U13 GTW-VIC 442414, 442413. 5M05 SRS-CLJ 377707 almost blocked my view of 5L01 VIC-EGR ecs 377138, 377416, 377468 on platform 1. Through platform 3 66175 powered through only to have to stop at the signal with 6Y58 Cliffe Brett Marine to Purley Foster Yeoman freight train. Once it departed, 1D14 VIC-GTW 442401 passed at the same time as 2V98 SRS-BDM 377523, 377501. from the comfort of the train 2F04 VIC-ORE was seen with 377427 being the traction.

As usual 1W03 BDM-BTN was seen with 387121, 387115 heading south.

Now the Quest is finally over I have decided to give St. Pancras SE side amiss for a day or so, so I went straight over to ‘The Cross’. On the concourse a young lady was sat and spilt her drink on her tight black trousers. Poor lass, very pretty but I suspect it hurt and I hope she is ok. Onto platform 9 for 1C42 KGX-CBG 365516 passing 67029 as the Turnderbird. At ‘The Park’ 2F07 MOG-SVG 313030, 313134 whisked me off to Hornsey.
5E01 0850 Willesden T.M.D to Hitchin Up Yard 313121 is out and about today. 4E25 Bow – Heck plasmor passed with 66176. THe 6L37 Hoo-Whitemoor was 70810. Homewards 2J72 LET-MOG 313026, 313058 took me to Finsbury Park where I managed to catch 365509 1P67 PBO-KGX.
St. Pancras I caught 319448, 319434 2W45 BDM-TBD (10 late) which passed 2Y90 BFR-ORP 365023, 365186. Then at Herne Hill 1S48 VIC-RAM 375610 amnd 1P42 RAM-VIC 375903, 375802.

Miles Traveled Today: 33m 58ch
Trips: 7
New Haulage: 0.
Red Pen Sightings: 1 (66175)

Items in BLUE = Haulage | Items in RED = New Sighting.


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