Daily Journey

17/08/2015 Observations.

I visited the Vampires of Croydon today … aka the Hospital Blood tests! Then after a walk home to collect my bag and off to work. At Selhurst it was choice of a slow train to Streatham or to East Croydon. As the Easy Croydon train was first I did that in the form of 2P33 VIC-SCY 377708.

At East Croydon that dreadfully designed bridge that has so much wrong caused me to miss 1W81 BTN-BDM 387110, 387111 (the doors closed as I was on the stairs) so it was a wait was forced on me. Whilst there I did note a few things down (listed):
1D32 VIC-GTW 442408.
1A63 BTN-VIC 442407, 442421.
My train arrived 1W83 BTN-BDM 387105, 387101 and off we went … slowly.

Blackfriars had 2U95 ORP-BFR formed of 465239, 465001. At Kings Cross I caught 1P46 KGX-PBO 365522, 365511. to ‘The Park’ passing Thunderbird 67012. 2V37 MOG-WGC 313061, 313047 took me to a late start at Hornsey. Passing Ferme Park I saw 66043 doing some shunting.

At Hornsey on the lathe was TfL’s 378205. Still busy I never saw a thing until coming home. 2K02 WGC-MOG 313035 then at Finsbury Park 1P67 PBO-KGX 317337 (12 late). 1W43 BDM-BTN 387121, 387122 stopped in the tunnel outside Blackfriars and delayed us a little. At Blackfriars 1K87 BFR-DVP was 375301, 375305.

At Herne Hill 5Y54 TON-VIC passed us with 465930, 465041 and in platform 3 was 2M02 VIC-ORP 465191, 465029.


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