19/08/2015 Observations

Right up to date.

Grim clouds over Selhurst and a real struggle to get out of bed ment I was a little late at the station but I did get there in time for 6Y58 Cliffe Brett Marine to Purley Foster Yeoman headed by 66207. 5M05 SRS-CLJ slipped into platform 2 377706 and 1D14 VIC-GTW thundered through with 442414. 2F04 VIC-ORE 377164 passed as normal. Then things went a bit strange. My train did not show up on opentraintimes.com!!!! 5G11 VIC-ECR ecs passed on platform 1 instead of 3 – 377149, 377116. No announcements, No change to the indicator boards – NOTHING! 05:55 and it still said it was due at 05:51. 5M55 SRS-CLJ ecs 377708 came in and departed. Then I spoke to the “information board” Oh well! 1U15 VIC-GTW 442411 headed south. The signalman put 2R07 EPS-VIC 377606, 377704 in front of my train and finally 18 minutes late 2V98 SRS-BDM 377214, 377210.

Creeping in to Thornton heath gave me a chance to see 1D16 VIC-GTW go through with 442419 doing the honours.

Being 18 late start it recovered a whole 6 minutes at St. Pancras giving me a chance to catch 1C42 KGX-CBG 365506 and 2F07 MOG-SVG 313045, 313051 to get to Hornsey on time!

4E26 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourne Sdg thundered through with 66089, 66029 on duty but I miss 6L37 today 😦 . 2K02 WGC-MOG 313057 provided the service to Finsbury where I caught a train to ‘The Cross’. When I looked on P2 system earlier in the day it was booked as a 317 but 2C51 CBG-KGX 321403 must have had a swap out.

St. Pancras was busy. My usual 1W43 16:24 was cancelled so I was rather reluctant to get on the platform. When I did the previous Three Bridges services (16:10) was running late 🙂 2W49 DBM-TBD 377210, 377214.

At Blackfriars 1K87 BFR-DVP had the blue HS clone 375301 coupled to 375305. As we left the station 5Y92 VIC-BFR ecs was arriving with 465926, 466043. Being originally 22 late off of STP the service was being a bit further delayed and at Herne Hill I saw 2D06 ORP-VIC 465184, 465185 on platform 1 which allowed 1P46 RAM-VIC to speed through with 375804, 375611, 375817 forming that service.


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