Daily Journey

21/08/2015 Observations & Thoughts

Good morning dear readers, I have to mention that today is my last day at Hornsey TSC where I have spent four wonderful years. I joined the railway back in 1986 and although I have worked with some great people over the years I have not worked at a place where I have been made part of the ‘family’. At Hornsey I have. I feel honoured that I have been part of the Hornsey family. One person said “Usually people come from outside and don’t fit right in straight away, you (me) have you started and have become part of the Hornsey Family straight away’. This has really made me very proud and also made me feel more heartbroken to be leaving. So any Hornsey TSC staff that read this I want to say from deep in my heart that I have loved working at Hornsey and if I get a chance I will be back.

On to the things you’re here to read … the trains. Sorry not a lot to report from early today. I left the house in the gloom and I jumped on the 05:36 for a change as I needed to do things before work (Oh Mistress Luck if you could make the ticket I bought this morning be a Euromillions or lotto winner this weekend I’d be quite happy). 2V94 SRS-LUT 319432, 319437 took me to St Pancras and I was also able to catch 2F04 KGX-SVG 313060, 313044 direct to Hornsey. At Ferme Park 66043 WBAT ACTONYARD 737E361521 4 * FRMPK LC N 7V36 7D A.

Here are the 387 allocations for the final time:
301/302 = 116/118
303/304 = 103/120
305/306 = 114/115
307 = 107/126/128
308/309 = two from above.
310/311/312 = 108/111/113
313/314 = 122/121
315/316 = 102/110
317/318 = 106/127
319/320 = 104/105
321/322 = 119/124
323/324 = 117/127

More from today later and my trip home will be posted over the weekend.


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