Penultimate 378 and a McTurbo

Well after such a great red pen day on Saturday this week was liekly to be less than interesting - or so I thought. Monday 21/09/2015 Arrived at the depot and 171721 stabled just inside the gates. During the day 5J79 LBG-SRS arrived in the form of 171726. Tuesday 22/09/2015 Heard that the second of … Continue reading Penultimate 378 and a McTurbo


Trip To Sutton Coldfield

Saturday ... Saturday ... Saturday is TISWAS day .... Well it was definatly a day to combine my three favourite things: Trains, Football and Photography. Starting out early I headed aroufd to catch the train to Watford, 2M17 SCY-MKC 377704 left on time. At Clapham Junction 2O15 MKC-SCY was on platform 17 formed of 377708. … Continue reading Trip To Sutton Coldfield

Couple of Days Updates

13th September 2015. Had to pop up to Mum's on the 13th so At Selhurst i managed to catch 2R23 SUO-VIC 377425, 377148 to Balham then it was on the the Northern Line in the shape of the unit with coach 53573. On the return I was on Uit 51501 to Balaham. Once there I … Continue reading Couple of Days Updates

I’m Back … well backish

Hi all, Now relocated with some access to P2 so I will post when I can. Sadly I not longer travel to/from work so observations only now. to kick off: 5J03 0958 London Bridge to Selhurst T&R.S.M.D 171801, 171804 chuntered past earlier and also on shed on 17 road is 171805 🙂 a red pen … Continue reading I’m Back … well backish