Penultimate 378 and a McTurbo

Well after such a great red pen day on Saturday this week was liekly to be less than interesting – or so I thought.

Monday 21/09/2015
Arrived at the depot and 171721 stabled just inside the gates. During the day 5J79 LBG-SRS arrived in the form of 171726.

Tuesday 22/09/2015
Heard that the second of the Class 170s (ex Scotrails aka McTurbos) was being brought down from Stewarts Lans Depot. 1135 Stewarts Lane T&R.S.M.D to Selhurst T&R.S.M.D set off 28 minutes late but arrived on depot just 1 minute late. It is, as I write, 170423 is stabled on 19 road. My phone decided to go into a progressive vegitive state at lunchtime so after work I had to go and get it sorted. a few delays saw me on 2J69 LBG-WCY 455843, 455824. At West Croydon I saw 378210 on 9D45 WCY-DKJ which means I only have one 378 to go πŸ™‚

Wednesday 23/09/2015
The God’s are again conspiring against me. I tried to get out a few days running now for the freight that pass here but to no avail. BUT I did manage to get out for 7V00 1215 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. 59103 and then 30 minutes or so later 6Z79 0910 Marks Tey Tarmac to Crawley New Yard R.M.C. 66201


Trip To Sutton Coldfield

Saturday … Saturday … Saturday is TISWAS day …. Well it was definatly a day to combine my three favourite things: Trains, Football and Photography.

Starting out early I headed aroufd to catch the train to Watford, 2M17 SCY-MKC 377704 left on time. At Clapham Junction 2O15 MKC-SCY was on platform 17 formed of 377708. Taking the usual route over Latchmere Junctions at Imperial Wharf 378202 was on the 2Y19 WIL-CLJ. At Shepherds Bush 378234 was on 2Y21 SFA-CLJ. The LM depot at Willesden Junction revealed a pethora of 378s but I only managed to note three down: 378216, 378221 and 378233. At Willesden Europort (not the yard on the left as I originally wrote down) was 66952 and 66522. At the same point I saw 350256 on 2N25 EUS-Northampton and 350263 on 2T28 Tring-EUS. Sat at signals was 4L89 0238 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. to Felixstowe North F.L.T. formed of 86627, 86628 In Wembley Yard stopped at a signal by the Royal Mail centre was 66517 on 4M17 0524 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Hams Hall Parsec. Continuing on past Wembley Yard 66184 was moving on light engine, 90039, 90018 67016 were sat silently and at the end of the yard near Wembley Central station was 86101 again as a light engine moving.

I got off at Watford Junction and after crossing to platform 6 there was a fair amount of activity. Sadly the speed at which the Virgin Trains 390s pass through it is next to impossible to get the numbers 😦 . 2C14 WFJ-EUS had 378226 on it. The came a few 350s and a couple of freights:
2T27 EUS-Tring 350249
2K10 MKC-EUS 350106
1Y15 EUS-BHM 350116
4M17 0524 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Hams Hall Parsec 66517
4L97 0457 Trafford Park F.L.T. to Felixstowe North F.L.T. 90049
1W04 BHM-EUS 350125, 350112.

In came my train 9G11 EUS-BHM 390005.

At Rugby speed almost defeated me I saw 57307 parked up and a cl92 as well, luckily someone was able tp provide me wit teh number and it was 92044 stabled up, 4L90 0830 Lawley Street F.L.T. to Felixstowe North F.L.T. was stopped at the back 66571 doing the honours.
At Coventry 2Y64 BHM-EUS was formed of a brace of 350s 350253, 350258 and just North of the stations were two track machines in the shape of DR77907, DR73117.

And so on to Birmingham New Street. On the approaches 2R25 Four Oaks to Redditch pass with 323242 and as my train pulled in 170636 pulled out with 1V25 BHM-Hereford. On platform 9 was 170115 1M01 CDF-NOT. Quickly upstairs to book a seat on the 18:30 back to Watford I went and I managed to get back down for the 2A17 WVH-WSL 323208. Coming into New Street as I departed was 1M30 0747 Bournemouth to Manchester Piccadilly traction was 220019.

Where was I headed? Bescot! I loved passing through there back in the day and was looking forward to seeing a lot of stuff there … Oh how it has changed. The brick shed has been knocked down, the yards are almost empty. Throughly disconcerted I did note: 66088, 60011, 08907, 08709, 08580, 08888, 70807, 70804, 70808, 70810 in the yards. 2A58 RGL-BHM 170632 passed through as did 2K60 BHM-RGL 170504 had there been more to see I may have hung ablout longer but instead I boarded 2W24 WSL-WVH 323208. En route 323211 was noted at Duddeston on 2Y72 LOB-FOK. At Birmingham New Street I crossed over to platform 1 for the train to Sutton Coldfield. Also I saw 2Y72 BHM-EUS 350256, and on platform 8 was 390124. My haulage this time was 2L36 LOB-FOK 323213. At Erdington 323215 was on 2N40 LIT-LOB, at Wyld Green 323211 was on 2R41 FOK-Redditch.

I quite liked Sutton Coaldfirld station, it’s got quite an old feel to part of it. It’s here I was for the Sutton Coldfield Town FC vs Whitby Town (my club). Needless to say I’d rather not talk about the game!
Back to the trains
2N70 LIT-LOB 323219 was running a little late so I managed to catch that one, at Wyld Green 323215 was on 2L63 BHM-FOK and at Chester Road 323218 formed 2P65 BHM-LIT. It was madness once we got to Witton as all the Villa fans boarded and it was only a single unit. Still I had a seat. I spent a little time at New Street platform 10/11 so here is what I saw:
2W46 WLS-WVH 323241
1N59 SSD-BHM 170110
1U63 MAN-BTM 220021
2A70 RGL-BHM 170632
2A43 WVH-WSL 323212
1V23 BHM-HFD 170634
2R71 AST-RDC 323216
2Y96 EUS-BHM 350239
1K25 BHM-LEI 221142
2T05 WTT-BHM 323220, 323221
2I23 BHM-BHI 323242
2N72 FOK-LOB 323215
2U70 LOB-FOK 323240
2Y96 BHM-EUS 350239
9G32 EUS-BHM 390115
1G52 NOT-BHM 170116, 170523
1M23 CDF-BHM 170397

It was then time for me to head home, 1B38 BHM-EUS 390115 departed at 18:00 loaded with pretty drunk Brighton supporters. Noisy and awkward! By Watford I was REALLY glad to get off. As 390115 left 1A62 LIV-EUS follwed past with 390114 performing the duty, 2T12 TRI-EUS 350103 then stopped before my train 2O67 MKC-ECR 377708. At Wembley Yard 67016 was still there (I could oly just see it) and at Selhurst Depot 171721 and 171806 sat silently by the gates.

A decent day:
New sightings: 49 locos and units πŸ™‚
SRS-WFJ = 25m 8ch
WFJ-BHM = 95m 39ch
BHM-BSC = 9m 19ch
BSC-BHM = 9m 19ch
BHM-SUT = 7m 57ch
SUT-BHM = 7m 57 ch
BHM-WFJ = 95m 39ch
WFJ-SRS = 25m 8ch

Couple of Days Updates

13th September 2015.

Had to pop up to Mum’s on the 13th so At Selhurst i managed to catch 2R23 SUO-VIC 377425, 377148 to Balham then it was on the the Northern Line in the shape of the unit with coach 53573. On the return I was on Uit 51501 to Balaham. Once there I caught 2R36 VIC-SUO 377117, 377433.

Monday 14th September 2015.
Inside Selhurst Repair shed 171725 was in for work on 17 road when I arrived. I also was told that 387108 had left earlier after a turn on the lathe on Sunday evening. Later in the day 5J79 LBG-SRS passed the doors as 171723.

Tuesday 15th September 2015.
Arriving at Selhurst this morning I noted 171723 stabled next to the gates of the depot. Oh and progress is being made on 170422 at the Repair Shed.

Looks like I may be getting a few miles under my belt on Saturday as I intend to be heading up to Sutton Coldfield for a football match. πŸ™‚

I’m Back … well backish

Hi all,

Now relocated with some access to P2 so I will post when I can.

Sadly I not longer travel to/from work so observations only now.

to kick off:

5J03 0958 London Bridge to Selhurst T&R.S.M.D 171801, 171804 chuntered past earlier and also on shed on 17 road is 171805 πŸ™‚ a red pen sight for me πŸ™‚