Couple of Days Updates

13th September 2015.

Had to pop up to Mum’s on the 13th so At Selhurst i managed to catch 2R23 SUO-VIC 377425, 377148 to Balham then it was on the the Northern Line in the shape of the unit with coach 53573. On the return I was on Uit 51501 to Balaham. Once there I caught 2R36 VIC-SUO 377117, 377433.

Monday 14th September 2015.
Inside Selhurst Repair shed 171725 was in for work on 17 road when I arrived. I also was told that 387108 had left earlier after a turn on the lathe on Sunday evening. Later in the day 5J79 LBG-SRS passed the doors as 171723.

Tuesday 15th September 2015.
Arriving at Selhurst this morning I noted 171723 stabled next to the gates of the depot. Oh and progress is being made on 170422 at the Repair Shed.

Looks like I may be getting a few miles under my belt on Saturday as I intend to be heading up to Sutton Coldfield for a football match. 🙂


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