Spot Log report from 1st October 2015 to 22nd October 2015

SpotLog Report01/10/201513:56UK6666142Selhurst7V00 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C02/10/201508:39UK442442404Selhurst08:39UK442442403Selhurst08:43UK377377154Selhurst2Y79 vic-cat (Srs-ecr)08:43UK377377146Selhurst2Y79 vic-cat (Srs-ecr)09:30UK377377164West Croydon09:28 wcy-Srs (suo-vic)09:30UK377377113West Croydon09:28 wcy -Srs (suo-vic)13:58UK5959202Selhurst13:58UK705959202Selhurst15:00UK171171805Selhurst Depot15:10UK377377618Selhurst15:09 Srs-ecr (vic-cat)05/10/201510:09UK377377457Selhurst10:09 Srs-ecr (vic-cat)10:09UK377377153Selhurst10:09 Srs-ecr (vic-cat)10:12UK442442417SelhurstVIC-gtw10:29UK377377462East Croydon2039 to reigate10:29UK377377612East Croydon1030 to lbg10:31UK377377114East Croydon10:25 to LBG10:31UK377377127East Croydon10:25 to LBG10:36UK171171727East Croydon1E20-10: to LBG10:36UK171171801East Croydon1E20-10: to LBG10:42UK377377101East Croydon10:38 to LBG 2B3810:48UK377377324East Croydon10:45(egr-vic)2L1910:48UK377377314East Croydon10:45(egr-vic)2L1910:51UK377377604East Croydon10:48(cat-vic) ecr-srs 2P2910:59UK171171802Selhurst Depot06/10/201512:41UK6666714Selhurst12:41UK6666718Selhurst07/10/201512:00UK6666063Selhurst6Y60 Ardingly … Continue reading Spot Log report from 1st October 2015 to 22nd October 2015


A modern way to record spots.

Do you have an Android Phone? Do you need something to make your spotting life easier? Fed up with your books getting messy? TRY SPOTLOG. All kidding aside folks, I dicsovered this via various sources and I have to say I am exceptionally impressed. Go to Google play store and search for spot log. There … Continue reading A modern way to record spots.

Thursday Observations (22/10/2015)

Well it's a been a whiles since I last posted so sorry I've been MIA. I have been concentrating on the new job and learning new stuff hence the lack of post during the day and in the evening I've been tired from the day. I hope to now begin to get back in to … Continue reading Thursday Observations (22/10/2015)