A modern way to record spots.

Do you have an Android Phone?

Do you need something to make your spotting life easier?

Fed up with your books getting messy?


All kidding aside folks, I dicsovered this via various sources and I have to say I am exceptionally impressed. Go to Google play store and search for spot log.

There are some European datasets but there is a very well maintained UK dataset. Also there is a preserved dataset with the steam and modern traction listed in it. The people behind it are working on a UK:70 one with all previously locos from 1970 to 2000 on the database so old sightings can be logged too 🙂

I used it previously to put in a lot of old 40s, 45s, 47s, 37 etc. and the UK:70 has them all listed from trips to Crewe Works Open days, Tyseley Open Days etc,. I am working on updating the Austrian traction list (anyone that can provide info let me know).

Honestly I like the notepad function when I am at work, there is a log you can make reports from, and the datasets can be viewed as a book making it easy to know if you have seen a loco (or Unit) before.

Honestly for a FREE app it is amazing and if it cost £5 then it would still be worth it.

There is a forum to use if (Click for forum) you can log an issue on and also if you want to help then that’s the place. Good friendly bunch too 🙂


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