Monday 20th June 2016

Well the class 700 began its life in service today setting off on the following diagram:
1B18 10:02 BTN TO LBG.
1B21 11:12 LBG TO BTN.
1B28 12:32 BTN TO LBG.
1B31 13:42 LBG TO BTN.

700108 doing the honours.

Its wasn’t a great start to the services with all of them running late, due to some Southern trains being delayed.

From my own sightings I managed to see at 09:52 whilst in the Repair Shed 313217 was on the wheel lathe.

0Z73 0900 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Acton Lane Rec Sdgs Gbrf was a light loco movement formed of 73213 that passed Selhurst at 10:04.

Passing me at 11:08 was 6V60 0925 Ardingly to Acton T.C.was formed of 59204

73213 returned at 12:51 with 5Z70 1200 Acton Lane Rec Sdgs Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf which had two Arlington barrier coaches behind it ADB975974 + ADB975978.

7O69 1234 Acton T.C. to Crawley Foster Yeoman was formed of 59201.

7V00 1215 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. passed in full throttle with 59205.

Must admit here I don’t always make a note of the class 59s when they pass here but I can do if people want me to.

New sightings marked in RED


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