Wednesdays notes (27/07/2016)

[Updated 27/07/2016 @ 12:54] Morning anyone that reads this, 700088 was delivered overnight, so there maybe a class 66 move with barriers move today. With that in mind below is a set of 700 diagrams for Mon 24/07 to Fri 29/07 2016. So far I have only seen one thing. 6M49 1108 Crawley New Yard … Continue reading Wednesdays notes (27/07/2016)


Monday/Tuesday Spots (25 & 26/07/2016)

It seemed that Monday wouldn't be as much fun as Saturday but it did have a few surprises. At 12:22 387128, 387122 returned after Mods from 5O90 Bletchley T.M.D. to Lovers Walk T&R.S.M.D until then it was dead quiet. An hour later 7O69 1234 Acton T.C. to Crawley Foster Yeoman powered past with 59101 doing … Continue reading Monday/Tuesday Spots (25 & 26/07/2016)

Stratford Saturday (23/07/2016)

Up and out early enough to make it to Selhurst to see 387212 pass thought at 0:57 on 1D24 Victoria to Gatwick Airport. Catching 2J40 West Croydon to London Bridge 455837 I managed to see a cople of Southeastern units but no class 66s. 2C14 Dartford to Charing Cross 465175, 465046, 466029. 2E11 Cannon Street … Continue reading Stratford Saturday (23/07/2016)

Greens to the seaside (20/07/2016)

[Updated 14:52 20/07/2017] Well isn't it just typical!!!! I thought at 05:38 was a bit early to be at Selhurst station to see the new 700 (700115 with 66723 apparently) so I never got up in time for it. By the time I realised that it was running 65 minutes late it wasn't possible to … Continue reading Greens to the seaside (20/07/2016)