Copping A Brace Of Siemens

So a day out today (12th July 2016) due to my daughter’s school “Academic Review Day” aka parents evening being now at mid morning I decided to take the day off and try and get a few shots of the new 700s and maybe get the last two or three 387/2s I needed.

Setting off from Selhurst the day almost never stated well. We left the earlier than planned and got to the station at 08:45. We had been aiming to Catch the 09:00 VIC-Epsom Down but it was cancelled but luckily we were able to get the 2R20 08:53 Victoria – Sutton formed of 377146, 377156. Whilst waiting the 1A18 Victoria-Brighton passed through with 387219, 387207, 387215. At West Croydon 378206 was in the new headshunt waiting to form the 9D15 West Croydon to Highbury and Islington.

At Carshalton Beeches I managed to get 377704 on 2R39 Sutton to Victoria as far as West Croydon then jumped 2560 Tramlink to East Croydon.

East Croydon the sun was out and 1U53 Gatwick Airport to Victoria trundled through with 387211, 387216 then on Platform 5 387126, 387105 formed 2W23 Bedford to Gatwick (It was being terminated short). I decided the one I was going to get was a Thameslink hoping for one of the on loan 387/2s als I was short changed and ended up on a brace 377/5. 1W19 Bedford to Brighton was 377510, 377523 Oh well!.

Gatwick Airport:
Well there appeared to be a failed train in the Victoria area which had caused a a bit of a pain in the posterior. 387126, 387105 started at Gatwick due to late running as 2W32 Brighton (Now Gatwick Airport) to Bedford. Whilst ignoring all the Southern 377 I waited patiently for my chosen traction. 1B22 Brighton to London Bridge 700114. Now for a little on the 700s. Yes the seats are not the best and I certainly would NOT enjoy travelling from Brighton to Bedford or Brighton to Cambridge (if they go on that journey). There information screen is rather good and show

  • Destination (so it should)
  • The next stop (always useful)
  • The locations on the train of toilets
  • The passenger loadings on the unit per coach maybe to encourage people to move down the train and get seats
  • Latest TfL/Underground info

So very good on that score, they do suffer with the usual female prerecorded announcements.


1W29 Bedford to Brighton 700109 12/07/2016

At East Croydon I decided to go and meet SWMBO and have lunch and on the way to her office I saw the new Tramlink unit 2563 which was a surprise. Once we’d eaten and she was returned to work I returned to East Croydon.

East Croydon (13:00-14:10):
Seemed almost immediately I got under the canopy at the station the heavens opened luckily I was under cover. I ignored the 455s and 377s as a) I have seen them all b) hate 455s.
So only Thameslink and Gatwick expresses list hereafter.
2W36 Brighton to Bedford 387203, 387202 (?)
1D72 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387216, 387208, 387211.
1A52 Victoria to Brighton 387209, 387210, 387226.
3T22 Three Bridges Tl Up Depot to Blackfriars 700106.
1D76 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387214, 387217, 387225.
2W35 Bedford to Three Bridges 387117, 387112.
1U77 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387211, 387208, 387216.
1W34 Brighton to Bedford 387107, 387128.
2W40 Three Bridges to Bedford 387201, 387113.
1A63 Brighton to Victoria 387207, 387219.
1W29 Bedford to Brighton 700109 ran 40 minutes late.
Whilst waiting for the late running 700 I bumped into one of my old colleagues from the BR days. Still looks good and a lovely bloke.


1B22 Brighton to London Bridge 700114 12/07/2016

Gatwick Airport:
After snatching a couple of shots 700109 I nipped over to platform 6 and managed to catch 1U85 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 442421, 442402 and I am fairly sure these two were required haulage cops.

Victoria (15:05-15:39):
On the approaches 1A68 Victoria – Brighton was pulling out with 442419, 442404. Once off the platforms I popped round to the Southeastern side.
Platform 5 1S48 Victoria to Ramsgate 375202.
Platform 4 2M80 Victoria to Orpington 465173.
Platform 2 5K26 Victoria Grosvenor Shed to Victoria 465174,466011, 465904.
Platform 1 2N46 Victoria to Canterbury West 375612.
Platform 6 2M82 Victoria to Orpington 465007, 465245.
Platform 18 1A72 Victoria to Brighton 387226,387209, 387210.
Then it was time to head back homewards on 1J82 Victoria to Southampton Central/Bognor Regis 377406, 377429.

From East Croydon to Centrale I caught 2550
Then whilst in Croydon the following Trams were noted: 2536, 2561, 2660, 2542, 2556,2533, 2557, 2547,2544.

All in all a good day.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka cops)


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