Two days back at work (13&14/Jul/2016)

After an enjoyable day out and about it was back to the grindstone. There isn’t a lot of new or different stock that passes Selhurst, mostly the 387/2 shuttling between Victoria and Gatwick Airport.

Wednesday 13th July 2016.
Looking through Real Time Trains (RTT) there was not a lot freight wise going to pass during the day and knowing my luck I’d miss some. At 10:44 the 6V60 Ardingly to Acton T.C. passed with 66136 at the head on time, then I missed the cl.59 on Acton/Crawley turns.

There was a 700 delivery in the early hours to Three Bridges which I belive to be 700010 that meant there would be a loco move back with barrier coaches during the afternoon. Sure enough 66731 6M65 1403 Three Bridges Tl Up Depot to Acton Lane Rec Sdgs Gbrf passed at 14:42.

Thursday 14th July 2016.
With RTT opened up early I looked through and saw that there was one of the Bletchley test run paths was due to run which actually surprised me as all the 387/1 and 387/2 have been delivered. I know that two 387/3 (as the GWR units are being known) had been delivered but I never expected them to be out so soon. Some 387/1 that are destined for GN are going to Bletchey for ‘Mods’ so I initially thought that it maybe a set returning. Just in case I decided to be in my usual spotting position when it passed and I was not disappointed. Resplendent in their new GWR green livery 387130 & 387131 flew past at a rate of knots at 12:12 (15 minutes early so almost missed it LOL )at 5B89 0836 Bletchley T.M.D. to Bletchley T.M.D.

7O69 1234 Acton T.C. to Crawley Foster Yeoman trundled past at 13:30 with 59202 doing the honours and 25 minutes later 66094 passed on 6V00 1215 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C.

Friday 15th July 2016.
NOTHING. Received a phone call and ended up rushing the wife to hospital so that led to no sightings for Friday and the weekend. Sunday today so as of now (09:24) no plans for spotting or anything similar.


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