Greens to the seaside (20/07/2016)

[Updated 14:52 20/07/2017]

Well isn’t it just typical!!!!

I thought at 05:38 was a bit early to be at Selhurst station to see the new 700 (700115 with 66723 apparently) so I never got up in time for it. By the time I realised that it was running 65 minutes late it wasn’t possible to get around and photograph it!!!! So I will have to take a spin down that way see if I can see it some day.

Next to Selhurst Depot is Heaver Meadow and you can see into the yard and this morning the newbie is there 171402 in Southern Livery sitting on North Sidings #1 road at 07:33.

The Ardingly to Acton is cancelled again (This service was cancelled throughout due to late arrival of an inbound service) as is the Crawley to Acton (This service was cancelled throughout due to being diverted at customer request) so the first item through of note will be the 387 test train.

From RTT it looks like the GWR 387s are on the seaside test run today. The past two days 387130/387131 headed up to Crewe. Due through Selhurst at 12:13 I should be able to get a glimpse of them. 387132 was delivered yesterday to Bletechley so will have to see which two of the three are on the the run. I will let you know what ones are running.

Just having a couple minutes to my self and was looking at P2 system and 1B22 is formed of 700103. 1B22 1102 Brighton to London Bridge.

5B89 0836 Bletchley T.M.D. to Bletchley T.M.D. 387130 and 387131 passed by just a minute late today.

66156 is heading 7M50 1208 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre and running 33 minutes late due to no train crew. This was closely passed by 59101 on 7O68 1234 Acton T.C. to Purley Foster Yeoman.

Today’s 7V00 1215 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. was pulled by 59202.

6M65 1403 Three Bridges Tl Up Depot to Acton Lane Rec Sdgs Gbrf was 66723 and powered through 3 minutes late.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka cops)


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