Warskips To Brum And Back

What a great day! Broke quite a few ducks today. I haven’t been to Marylebone in about 30 odd years in fact last time I was there there was a steam special to see and there was an old Class 15 numbered ADB968000 was allocated there in about 1986/1987. I think I was with my ex girlfriend even!!!

So today my firsts were:
First Class 68 seen.
First Class 68 seen.
First Class 168 seen.
First Class 165 seen.
First trip on a Chiltern train.
First trip to Birmingham via High Wycombe, Banbury, Warwich and Leamington Spa.

But I am leaping ahead. The day started off early on the 06:32 Sutton (London)to Victoria 455838, 455802. Once at Victoria I had to get my lasses Oyster card sorted then it was on 11048 to Oxford Circus. The Bakerloo line took us to Marylebone 3544 doing the honours.

We got there with over an hour until our train, the 08:41. We grabbed a it of food and wandered onto the platform to see what was in and this is what we saw:
2B10 MYB-AYS 165009
2W12 MYB-HWY 165038
1R12 MYB-BMO 168324, 168107
1H26 Bicester North-MYB 68012 Consist; 12119, 12017, 12094, 11031, 11029, 12054, 12182, 82309
Platform 6 165023
1H08 HWY-MYB 1650001, 165032
Platform 6 165003
2H10 AYS-MYB 165024, 165012
1Y10 OXP-MYB 168329, 138113, 168217
1H10 BMO-MYB 168216, 168002
2A14 MYB-AYS 165039
2B14 MYB-AYS 165002, 165033
1H11 PRR-MYB 165031, 165015, 165005
1H12 BCS-MYB 165029, 165006, 165014
1C12 AVP-MYB 165037
1H13 PRR-MYB 172102, 172104
1H15 KID-MYB 68011
5S11 MYB-MYB 168112
2H15 GER-MYB 165031, 165011, 165005
1R15 MYB-BMO 68015 Consist; 12608,12623, 12613, 12603, 12615, 10272, 82303
68015 on 1R15 Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street

Dollis Hill: 1H16 BAN-MYB 165017
High Wycombe: 1H21 SAV-MYB 168214
Banbury: 1H27 KID-MYB 168106
Leamington Spa: 2L30 BMO-LMS 172337
Warwick Parkway: 1H30 BMO-MYB 168324, 168107
Solihull: 2C18 KID-DDG 172339
Tyseley: 3783 (08616) 150107, 170220, 153354
Birmingham Moor Street: 1H22 BMO-MYB 168002

Midland Metro:
29, 24, 28, 21

At this point I’d like to talk a little on my impression of Moor Street Station. Reading the wiki page is a good guide but for me it was the fact that the station retains an exceptionally old world feel despite being served by modern DMU and diesel locos. It’s bright and airy but the old signage, water tower and canopies on the platforms makes it something different – even my 13 year old daughter liked it.
Birmingham Moor Street station sign Abandoned Platform 5

On to the trains; 172221, 172212 formed the 2V36 DDG-WOF and was followed by 172343 forming the KID-WTE (Witlocks End, no idea why they were terminating there but all were on RTT as VAR) 165028 came in on platform 4 on 2R33 LMS-BMO. Our haulage home was 1H62 BMO-MYB 68015.

Sightings on the return leg were:
Solihull: 1R37 MYB-BMO 168109
Dorridge: DDG-KID 172217
Hatton: DR73930
Leamington Spa: 2L62 BMO-LMS165028
High Wycombe: 2G46 MYB-BSW 168231
1W47 MYB-HWY 168112
Wembley LMD: 168012, 68013, 68009
Marylebone: 165012, 165037, 172101
Now back in London it was tie to go home on TfL Underground. Bakerloo line on 4236 and at Oxfrod Circus 11063 took us to Victoria.

The return leg home was 2R00 VIC-SRS 377703, 377624 with 465249, 466042 on an unknown service passing inbound.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)


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