On the first Day of September

Morning all,

Depending on the outcome of a meet with my car man I maybe on half day tomorrow and on a trip to Paddock Wood.

On to today, below is the 700s in service today thanks to Lee in se-gen group (Below my sightings).

RED PEN sighting today 🙂 6V00 1115 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. was 66002
7O68 Acton T.C. to Crawley Foster Yeoman was 59005.

700108 works
2W91 02:40 Bedford to Brighton (Cancelled)
1B00 05:47 Brighton to London Bridge (Cancelled)
1B05 07:12 London Bridge to Brighton (Start Three Bridges)
1B10 08:27 Brighton to London Bridge
1B15 09:42 London Bridge to Brighton
1B22 11:02 Brighton to London Bridge
1B25 12:12 London Bridge to Brighton
5B25 13:29 Brighton to Brighton Down Sidings
5B38 14:42 Brighton Down Sidings to Brighton
1B38 15:02 Brighton to London Bridge
1B41 16:12 London Bridge to Brighton
1B48 17:32 Brighton to London Bridge
1B51 18:42 London Bridge to Brighton

700103 works
2W94 05:20 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W13 07:34 Bedford to Brighton
1W24 10:35 Brighton to Bedford
2W41 13:24 Bedford to Three Bridges
5W92 15+41 Three Bridges to Three Bridges Depot
5W92 15+56 Three Bridges Depot to Three Bridges
1W92 15:59 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W61 18:24 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W66 20:43 Three Bridges to Bedford
5Y68 23+00 Bedford to Jowett Sidings

700107 works
1W11 06:58 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W22 09:11 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W29 11:40 Bedford to Brighton
1W40 14:35 Brighton to Bedford
2W57 17:20 Bedford to Three Bridges
2W62 19:43 Three Bridges to Bedford

5Y62 22+00 Bedford to Jowett Sidings
700 (unallocated) works
5W02 05+07 Brighton Down Yard to Brighton (Cancelled)
1W02 05:30 Brighton to Bedford (Cancelled)
2W21 08:24 Bedford to Three Bridges (Cancelled)
5W30 10+41 Three Bridges to Three Bridges Dept (Cancelled)
5W30 10+56 Three Bridges Depot to Three Bridges
2W30 10:59 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W37 13:40 Bedford to Brighton
1W96 16:35 Brighton to Bedford
5Y96 19+03 Bedford to Jowett Sidings

700114 works
1W01 04:16 Bedford to Brighton
1W82 07:22 Brighton to Bedford
1W23 10:10 Bedford to Brighton
1W34 13:05 Brighton to Bedford
1W45 15:50 Bedford to Brighton
1W56 18:35 Brighton to Bedford
5Y69 21+14 Bedford to Jowett Sidings
5Y69 21+27 Jowett Sidings to Bedford
1W69 21:40 Bedford to Brighton

700111 works
5W06 05+24 TB Depot to Brighton
1W06 06:06 Brighton to Bedford
2W23 08:54 Bedford to Three Bridges
5W32 11+09 Three Bridges to Three Bridges (via Depot)
2W32 11:29 Three Bridges to Bedford
1W39 14:10 Bedford to Brighton
1W80 17:01 Brighton to Bedford
5Y80 19+33 Bedford to Bedford Jowett Sidings

700102 works
5Y93 07+04 Bedford Jowett Sidings to Bedford
1W93 07:30 Bedford to Brighton
1W22 10:05 Brighton to Bedford
2W39 12:54 Bedford to Three Bridges
5W48 15+09 Three Bridges to Three Bridges (via Depot)
2W48 15:29 Three Bridges to Bedford
2W59 18:00 Bedford to Gatwick Airport
2W64 20:18 Gatwick Airport to Bedford
2W81 23:10 Bedford to Three Bridges
5W81 01+36 Three Bridges to TB Depot

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)


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