The Toton Trip

Well after 30 odd years I finally made it up to Toton Yard. I’m probably seeing it in its twilight years but still it help an amazing amount of locos for me to see. This is how the day went.

2J04 West Croydon to London Bridge 455824, 455807.
2V02 0635 Sutton (Surrey) to St Albans 319012.
Tulse Hill:
1W81 Bedford to Brighton 387121, 387124.
1F95 Blackfriars to Maidstone East 466002, 465922.

At St Pancras International I only had 7 minutes to get from the THameslink platfors to the East Midlands platforms so notes were taken quickly and no Eurostars were noted.
1F10 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222004.
1M11 0801 St Pancras International to Kettering 222007.
My train was 1D09 0729 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222019 which is a red pen haulage.
At Cricklewood the following were seen: 700003, 700010, 700015, 700006 all stabled.
At St. Albans City 1W04 Brighton to Bedford had 700019 in service.
Bedford had 700104 on platform 1 having worked the 1W02 from Brighton while on platform 3 387129, 387107 left on 1J97 to Elephant and Castle.
As we approached Wellingborough I saw 66753 on 6V42 0813 Wellingborough Up Tc Gbrf to Whatley Quarry but the sun in my eyes cause me to miss most of the number but the kind chaps online helped with the info.
Leicester was VERY frustrating I saw 170103 on 1N43 Stansted Airport to Birmingham New Street but the frustration is the amount of class 56s, 37s and 50 sitting behind the rake of wagons that can’t be seen properly.
Between Leicester and Loughborough we passed 6D46 0715 Cliffe Hill Stud Farm Gbrf to Stapleford & S C C E Sdg 66778. Apparently from talking to someone at Toton Bank 778 had just come out of store the previous day.
158810 was at Loughborough on 2L54 0653 Sleaford to Leicester.
I got off at Beeston as my train was a few minutes late and I didn’t want to miss my train to Attenborough. Whilst waiting two express services passed;
1V06 0910 Nottingham to Cardiff Central 170398.
1D54 0819 Birmingham New Street to Nottingham 170636.
I expected a 156 or 158 to take me to Attenborough but in trundled 153326, 153308 2A22 0841 Newark Castle to Matlock Both ‘cops‘. On arriving at Attenborough 2N23 0836 Matlock to Newark Castle 156404 left on the other platform.
Now my Toton list in full:
67010, 60012, 60003, 60073, 60041, 66201, 66052, 60090, 60077, 66201, 60052, 66846, 60075, 60008, 66213, 60500, 66165, 66778, 60061, 66033, 66034, 66077, 66213, 67002, 66104, 66250, 08480, 60059, 60012, 60067, 60032, 60096, 60060, 60086, 60050, 60068, 60048, 60035, 60015, 60088, 67016, 60088, 60018, 60027, 60037, 60042, 60097, 60031, 60014, 60005, 66008, 66081, 66050, 66599, 66141, 60058, 66193, 66200, 60034, 60012, 66034 and Anglia coach 3303.
I met a couple of blokes there who were helpful, it’s nice to see that ‘spotters’ are still social. Sadly in the London area it’s a rarity.
Back at Attenborough a couple of Cross Country services passed;
1V09 1210 Nottingham to Cardiff Central 170112.
1D59 1119 Birmingham New Street to Nottingham 170116.
I stood waiting to catch my train to Derby and as I saw the headlight I realised I was on the wrong platform DOH!!!!! A quick run over the bridge and I made it in time (just) to catch 2A34 1139 Newark Castle to Matlock 156406.
I was writing the Toton locos in to my notebook when I discovered almost too late we were approaching Derby and almost missed RTC. I did managed to note down 31106, 08899, 73963, 73962, D6757 (37052) and 08762. On arrival into Derby I walked over and as I got to the bottom of the stairs on to platform 6, 66766 powered up and away with 6V09 1051 Tinsley Yard Gbrf to Coton Hill Tc Gbrf.
1V87 1035 Newcastle to Reading 220028.
0Z37 1220 Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) to Barrow Hill L.I.P. 37608, 37611.
1C45 1229 Sheffield to St Pancras International 222005.
1F28 1126 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222104.
1D61 1219 Birmingham New Street to Nottingham 170101.
1E36 0946 Southampton Central to Newcastle 220005.
Stabled 31452.
1G26 1241 Nottingham to Birmingham New Street 170117.
2N39 1236 Matlock to Newark Castle 156404.
1C47 1249 Sheffield to St Pancras International 222017.
1F30 1158 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222006.
1K12 1207 Crewe to Derby 153376.
1V56 0750 Glasgow Central to Plymouth 220016.
1V10 1310 Nottingham to Cardiff Central 170116.
1M94 1045 Cardiff Central to Nottingham 170639.
1S45 0925 Plymouth to Aberdeen 221127.
2A38 1247 Newark Castle to Matlock 153326, 153308.
1O88 1135 Newcastle to Southampton Central 220001.
1D63 1319 Birmingham New Street to Nottingham 170111.
I met up with Cass at Derby who is going to provide me with a full list of the withdrawn/stored locos at Toton so that will be a separate post soon.
Finally with the sky becoming a dark grey I decided to catch the 1C50 1329 Sheffield to St Pancras International 222002.
I managed to get a seat on the right hand side of the train to be able to get a good look at RTC and it turned up trumps too:
37610, DR77908, 08762, 73 in grey livery LORAM?, 37601, 37421, 37116, 37582, 31105, 08417 and a BR Blue peak 45041, 37682.
At 14:18 I passed Mountsorrel sidings and 66745 was there with a uid shunter.
Leicester I managed this time to get two 56s 56105 and 56077. UPDATE: 50008.
1D37 1315 St Pancras International to Nottingham 43055, 43064 to one side of me at Leicester, and on the other 158854 with 2L73 1426 Leicester to Lincoln Central.
Passing Cricklewood 700110 was visible and at St Pancras International I saw 4004 and 395014. Again I had a limited time to get to my train so I hot footed it to catch 1W41 1440 Bedford to Brighton 377212, 377510.
2W44 1429 Three Bridges to Bedford 387105, 387125.
1W40 1435 Brighton to Bedford 700102.
I was beginning to get more tired and I managed to catch 2P57 1554 Caterham to London Victoria 377625 by the skin of my teeth.
All in all a GREAT day.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’).
Updated info Orange


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