Happy Birthday To Me

Sorry for the late post, Tuesday I hot home late and yesterday was play catch up at work.

After the great day at Toton Tuesday was my birthday and it was a right old mixed bag. I decided to meet my Mum and treat her to lunch and get a sneaky “spot” in at Clapham Junction. Whilst at Selhurst 1A19 Brighton to Victoria passed with 387214, 387319, 387220 and it was followed closely by 1U45 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387224, 387201, 387226. 1A24 Victoria to Brighton passed with 387215, 387213 shortly after. Tuesday was a RMT strike day so the services were busy. I caught 2P25 Caterham to Victoria 377435, 377450 as car as Clapham Junction.
On the approach I was passed by 1A25 Brighton to Victoria 387210, 387216, 387203. I am in the belief that on a normal day you could sit at Clapham Junction or East Croydon and clear about 75% of the 387/2 fleet. I couldn’t work out what made me do it but I walked off one train and caught the one directly behind. 2S19 Epsom to Victoria 377416, 377303, 377319 took me to London. Half way to Battersea Park I suddenly realised I had forgotten my Oyster Card. My train arrived into Victoria on Platform 8 and there was an announcement that the same train was going back out at 10:33 as 2R38 Victoria to Sutton 377416, 377303, 377319. So I decided to head back home get my Oyster and then go to gert lunch. Noted at Victoria were:
2N26 Victoria to Canterbury West 375605.
2M40 Victoria to Orpington 465193, 465186.
465162 unknown service.
2U70 Dartford to Victoria 465159.
2K16 Dover Priory to Victoria 465189, 466020.

Oyster retrieved and back at Selhurst I decided to go as far as Balham on 2P31 Caterham to Victoria 377703. Then downstairs to the Nothern line to Stockwell on 51511.
A full English was duly consumed and after a lovely chat i headed in 11015 to Victoria. My journey home was 2Y09 Victoria to Caterham 455843. Then at Wandsworth Common I managed to get a look at 66056 on the 6M49 Angerstein Wharf (Tarmac) to Acton T.C. This is one of the ones on diversion due to the weakened bridge in Lewisham. Once at home It was feet up until the wife came home and dinner. When she did she left the front door open and in through it walked my son!!!!! He’d come down from Uni just for my Birthday. Just a couple of minute before their arrival I had read of a trespass incident at Hatfield which is where he is. So it was RTT on all the time for the latest news.
I decided to take him to Kings Cross as it was his first time of popping down to see us on his own. We walked to East Croydon and there seemed to be a lot of delays and cancellations. 1U25 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387218 passed us while we waited, then on platform 3 1W55 Bedford to Brighton 387105, 387118. Our train was due at 19:55 but was 5 minutes late 1W58 Brighton to Bedford 387129, 387122. At Herne Hill 2D34 Victoria to Orpington 465044, 465186 was waiting for us to pass.
On the way home I hoped for a Class 700 but of course none turned up!
1W62 Brighton to Bedford came in 387125, 387102, 387117 then my train arrived 1W62 Beford to Brighton 387101, 387116. At Blackfriars I saw 1W64 Brighton to Bedford 387124, 387127. Then at Herne Hill 2A68 Ashford International to Victoria 465931, 466015 passed me.
Another connection missed and I had to walk home.

Still all in all a good day.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)


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