Daily Sightings

Friday The 14th.

As I had a meeting today I missed a couple but I did manage to catch the EXTREMELY late running 6O47 Acton T.C. to Ardingly 66192 (thanks Alex) which was 310 late passing Selhurst. I had to catch the 2Y83 Victoria to Caterham 377606

Coming back 1U61 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387212, 387219, 387220 passed through East Croydon then as 2P33 Caterham to Victoria 455835 began to pull out 700111 also left with 1B22 Brighton to London Bridge.
Well everyone here is an update from Friday from this point onwards.
At East Croydon I went back on 2P33 Caterham to Victoria 455835
The next up was 59206 on 7O68 Acton T.C. to Purley Foster Yeoman. After work I caught 2Y05 Victoria to Caterham 377619 and on route I was passed by 6V60 Ardingly to Acton T.C. 66040 running 271 minutes late.
After sorting out personal stuff I got home and change and out for drinks with friends (via Clapham Junction for a little spotting session – be rude not to).
2P63 Caterham to Victoria 377157, 377147
Just before my train came in 1A84 Victoria to Brighton passed with 387215, 387218, 387214.
The following were noted at Clapham Junction.
1A03 Brighton to Victoria 387212, 387219, 387220.
1P58 Portsmouth Harbour to Waterloo 450071, 450005, 450546.
2D93 Waterloo to Epsom 455852, 455702.
1W77 Waterloo to Weymouth 444026, 444045.
2G53 Waterloo to Guildford 455703, 455904.
XXXX ? to Waterloo 450113, 450543.
2F54 Woking to Waterloo 455860, 455733.
1L58 Yeovil Pen Mill to Waterloo 159106, 159018.
1U13 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387227, 387206, 387211.
2J53 Waterloo to Waterloo 455735, 455907.
1P58 Fareham to Waterloo 450083, 450125.
9O96 Waterloo to Waterloo 456009, 455903, 455854.
1W66 Weymouth to Waterloo 450554, 450117, 450544.
1G57 Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour 444015, 444013.
2J56 Hampton Court to Waterloo 455718, 455912.
2B60 Poole to Waterloo 444033.
2H53 Waterloo to Shepperton 455712, 455734.
1T57 Waterloo to Portsmouth and Southsea 450031, 450012, 450103.
2H56 Shepperton to Waterloo 455732, 455714.
2S57 Waterloo to Weybridge 458824, 458502.
2U57 Waterloo to Windsor and Eton Riverside 458523, 458506.
2F48 Victoria to London Bridge 455809, 455803
Later after a few drinks:
1W71 Bedford to Brighton 700104.
2S72 Victoria to Sutton 377429, 377326, 377316.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info Orange


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