Wednesday (19/10) Items

Morning all,

When I arrived today 313202 was on the Lathe in the Repair shed.
1A13 Brighton to Vic was formed of 387210, 387216, 387217 this was followed by 1A17 Brighton to Victoria which was 387223, 387211, 387226.
Todays RHTT was a brace of EDLs comprised of 73128, 73212.
I feel a trip out coming on next week. It looks like the daughter wants to go to Birmingham so I’ll insist on the Chiltern route again :). Hope to pick up some new haulage and cl.68 sightings and also a few Chiltern DMUs I am missing.
Update: 12:02
1A36 Victoria to Brighton was 387224, 387222. 222 isn’t exactly a ‘cop’ but I didn’t have the service details the last time I saw it.
6M49 1108 Crawley New Yard R.M.C. to Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre was 66040.
Noted on P2 was that 2W32 Three Bridges to Bedford is 700114.
Update: 12:17
5B89 0836 Bletchley T.M.D. to Bletchley T.M.D. went on the DFL today and I was blocked by a USL unit for the number. If reported to me will add what units it was.387302 and 387303.
Update: 12:55
7V00 1215 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. was 66019. Then along came 6Z82 1210 Crawley New Yard (Gbrf) to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 66722.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage and items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info ORANGE


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