Big Day Out, Daily Sightings

Cheeky Saturday And A Monday Fivesome.

A cheeky little trip to Clapham Junction on Saturday to catch a look at and photograph the new cl.707.

2R23 Epsom to Victoria 455805.

Clapham Junction.
1L19 Waterloo to Salisbury 159009.
Clapham Yard: 458510, 458527, 707001, 20227.
Engineers Trains 66187, 66048.
9N10 Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction 378149.
2Y21 Stratford London) to Clapham Junction 378256.
1D18 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387204.
1A21 Brighton to Victoria 387211, 387255, 387216.
1U41 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387217.
2C18 Reading to Waterloo 450118, 450113.
2B24 Poole to Waterloo 444042.
1L21 Waterloo to Axminster 159006, 159016, 159101.
2F17 Waterloo to Woking 450108, 450567.
2H20 Shepperton to Waterloo 5730, 5711.
1A21 Waterloo to Alton 450078, 450072.
1D17 Waterloo to Dorking 5853.
2P24 Haslemere to Waterloo 450110, 450020.
2C51 Waterloo to Reading 450116, 450549.
1A26 Victoria to Brighton 387216, 387225, 387211.
1J58 Victoria to Southampton Central/Bognor Regis 377116, 377464.

Monday 12th December 2016.
6Y58 Cliffe Brent Marine to Crawley Foster Yeoman 66207 running 60 late.
3W90 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 73136, 73128.
7O69 Acton T.C. to Crawley Foster Yeoman 59101.
7O75 Acton T.C. to Grain Foster Yeoman 66070.
6V00 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C. 59103.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage.
Items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info ORANGE


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