Saturday Uni Jolly (17/12/2016)

Well the boy has got himself a job up there and I have to be brutally honest here I miss him as he’s not going to be home much over Christmas. Still he needs to work. So here is my day’s summary including a nice little surprise for me.
2Y79 Victoria to Caterham 377613 was due in at 08:40 but finally arrived at 08:49. Before it finally arrived 1A17 Brighton to Victoria passed with 387224, 387203 then 1U37 Gatwick Airport to Victora followed with 387207 which looked rather full.

East Croydon.
1A18 Victoria to Brighton passed with 387209, 387215 paired up. My train was 2W20 Three Bridges to Bedford 377207, 377514.
As we got to Norwood Junction I managed to see 9C13 Highbury and Islington to West Croydon 378210.
700101 passed at Gipsy Hill with 1W13 Bedford to Brighton.
At Blackfriars was 700109. Now according to Open Train Times it was 2W19 which was a Brighton to Bedford service but aos on OTT it was cancelled throughout!!! Strange. Whilst int the platform, 2W21 Bedford to Three Bridges arrived on platform 1 as 387122, 387103.

St. Pancras International.
Up popped up to the High Speed platforms and there were two units in; 395013 was on 1F20 St Pancras to Faversham and 395015 was on St Pancras to Margate and I managed to get on the platform and snap a photo of each on my phone.Down and over to the International section I noted:
9O20 St Pancras to Paris 4002.
9O74 St Pancras to Paris 3007.
9I26 St Pancras to Brussels 3201.
9O14 St Pancras to Paris 3108.
9O11 Paris to St Pancras 4017.

Kings Cross.
43316 was on a platform with an (up to now) unknown service.
5Y10 Kings Cross to Ferme Park Recp. 43047, 43059 both in East Midlands livery and both photographed.
1A60 Sunderland to Kings Cross 180107.
1S12 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91110 (Photographed).
1C11 Cambridge to Kings Cross 387104, 387111.
2P10 Kings Cross to Peterborough 317340 took me to Hatfield.
1A15 Bradford Foster Square to Kings Cross arrived as 91105.
The thunderbird was 670132.

Ferme Park.
It was here I got my surprise. Stabled at the North end was a Network Rail yellow DMU. A good squint of the eyes revealed 950001 Network Rail Track Assessment DMU. Not only a surprise but a ‘Cop’ too. On the opposite side I managed to see 700103 in Hornsey yard.

1C52 Peterborough to Kings Cross 365504 took me back to London.

Kings Cross.
1C52 Kings Cross to Cambridge sat on platform 11 as I arrived with 387125, 387126 paired up.

St Pancras International.
After a run down the steps I managed to catch 2W43 Bedford to Three Bridges 700103 back to East Croydon.

East Croydon.
Whilst waiting for my train I managed to note:
2W46 THree Bridges to Bedford 387124.
1A74 Victoria to Brighton 387205, 387212, 387219.
2P49 Caterham to Victoria 455801 was the last of the day.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage.
Items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info ORANGE


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