Saturday Stevenage Model Trip

Up early on Saturday for the day trip to Stevenage and the Chiltern Mode Railway exhibition and It was a good one too. Back to the "Real Thing". Selhurst: 1A07 Brighton to Victoria 377209, 387201, 387208. 2Y73 Victoria to Caterham 455805. East Croydon: 1W08 Brighton to Bedford 387122. Farringdon; 2W15 Bedford to Three Bridges 700017. … Continue reading Saturday Stevenage Model Trip



Sorry to anyone who looks here regularly. Since returning to work, things have been very hectic with meetings, little to no freight movements and a larger workload. A lot of last week and this week (so far) has been barren. Only unusual/different move I have seen is the appearance in the headshunt at Selhurst depot … Continue reading Hello

Happy New Year One And All

Happy New Year, Not been in the office until Tuesday but limited ability to see anything catching up load loads of work. Today however I managed to start this years "spotting" with a COP. Just passing Selhurst (11:44) is 66100 on 6M49 Crawley New Yard R.M.C. to Acton T.C. Noted on P2 is 700018 on … Continue reading Happy New Year One And All