Saturday Stevenage Model Trip

Up early on Saturday for the day trip to Stevenage and the Chiltern Mode Railway exhibition and It was a good one too.

Back to the “Real Thing”.
1A07 Brighton to Victoria 377209, 387201, 387208.
2Y73 Victoria to Caterham 455805.

East Croydon:
1W08 Brighton to Bedford 387122.

2W15 Bedford to Three Bridges 700017.

St Pancras International:
9I16 St Pancras International to Bruxells Midi 3210.
9O10 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 4008.
9O92 St Pancras International to Bourg St Maurice 3015.
9S31 Temple Mills recp to St Pancras International 4006.

Kings Cross:
1P44 Kings Cross to Peterborough 365529.
1D06 Kings Cross To Leeds 91105.
1S10 Kings Cross to Darlington 91106.
1S08 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91113.

Finsbury Park:
1C47 Cambridge to Kings Cross 365538.

Hornsey Depot:

Bounds Green:
08670 – Shunting.

Potters Bar:
2P53 Peterborough to Kings Cross 387119.

Welwyn Garden City:

2C35 Cambridge to Kings Cross 387111.

1E07 Edinburgh to Kings Cross 43277, 43257.
1P61 Peterborough to Kings Cross 365506 365536.

St Pancras International:
1W31 Bedford to Brighton 700017.
2O61 St Albans City to Sutton 319453, 319214.

City Thameslink:
1W30 Brighton to Bedford 700107.

2O50 Sutton to Luton 319002.
2W36 Brighton to Bedford 700108.

Elephant & Castle:
2B87 = 319452.

Herne Hill;
1W32 Brighton to Bedford 700030.

2R91 Sutton to Victoria 377613.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage.
Items in RED new sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info ORANGE


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