Daily Sightings

Thursday March 30th, 2017.

Morning all, After yesterdays great sightings of the convoy to the Bluebell Railway, today seems a little good. 700102 passed at 08:29 with 1W82 Brighton to Bedford, this seems to be a regular route for this one now and it is on RTT as the correct path. 59001 just pased (11:45) with 7V50 11:08 Crawley… Continue reading Thursday March 30th, 2017.

Daily Sightings

Choppers …….

Hi all, Brought the camera today so looking forward to popping up to the station after 16: to get some shots of the 20s and 50049 (50035 had a fault so never travelled). So far today 700113 came past Selhurst at 08:30 on 1W82 Brighton to Bedford. at 13:31 7O68 Acton T.C. to Purley Foster… Continue reading Choppers …….

Daily Sightings

Tuesday’s Offerings (28/03/2017)

Hello Everybody ... It's 08:30 and nothing of note at the moment. That said, there is something interesting tomorrow. 0Z50 is reported on the se-gen yahoo group is a loco move from Kidderminster S.V.R. to the Bluebell Railway. By all accounts 20182 and 20205 will be bringing 50035 and 50049 down on this path. I'm… Continue reading Tuesday’s Offerings (28/03/2017)


Old Stuff Now Here

Well finally I have been able to import my old spottingby03179 blog posts thanks to two excellent people on the wordpress community forums: justjennifer and lizkarkoski please take a bow 🙂 Any post prior to the 19th July 2015 is part of my old Spottingby03179 blog so maybe you'll like to have a look. There… Continue reading Old Stuff Now Here