Toton Tug Trip (09/03/2017)

What a GREAT day. No a single drop of rain, lots of trains and an awful lot of walking. By the time I climbed wearily into bed I had covered 13.81 miles!!!

I dragged my backside out of bed at 05:00 so that the family could get ready at normal time for school and work which meant I was at Selhurst for 06:25 and at 06:27 2A16 Victoria to Brighton whizzed passed with 387212, 387216, 378222. Then my own train turned up yet more 455s one of my least favourite units!! 2J04 West Croydon to London Bridge 455832, 455840.
At Streatham 700016 arrived just 2 minutes after I got there with 2O05 Luton to Sutton and then my train rolled in some 3 minutes late. 2V04 Sutton to St Albans City 319012, 319215 was late all the way up to St Pancras International by about 3 or 4 minutes.
1W81 Bedford to Brighton passed me at Tulse Hill formed of 700010 and at Loughborough Junction 700006 was on the 2O09 Bedford to Sutton train. Further up the line was 1W07 Bedford to Brighton 700017.
Blackfriars revealed 466039, 465235, 466930 in the bay platforms readying to leave as 1F95 Blackfriars to Maidstone East. and shortly after at Farringdon 700115 was next my own train with the 1W85 Bedford to Brighton service.

I must be clear now. I DO NOT like the new look St Pancras station … all metal and glass, posh shops and is just nothing like a station should be. And don’t get me started on the old ticket hall/office now being used as a overpriced bar !!!!!!
That said I do manage to get to see more trains there than I used to. I do miss the dark foreboding train shed, the class 45s on the right hand side on a Sunday evening, the HSTs idling away and the mail van road.

Having missed the 07:24 by all of 3 minutes, I decided to have a look around as the next Long Eaton train was at 08:26:
9O08 St Pancras International to Paris Nord 374017.
9S27 Temple Mills Recep. to St Pancras International 374023
9S21 Temple Mills Recep. to St Pancras International 373001
1F10 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222001
1M11 St Pancras International to Corby 222019
1D12 St Pancras International to Nottingham 43047
Down the escalator I went and around (avoiding the on rush of commuters) to the South Eastern High Speed side. Only swift dodging from side to side prevented me from being mown down by the tidal wave from platforms 11 to 13! Once up there there was just 395014 in waiting to form the 1F12 St Pancras to Faversham. Then in came 1T91 Maidstone West to St Pancras International 395027 . I trailed on the end of he commuter throng and made my way back to the East Midlands platforms.
1D14 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222009.
1C11 Sheffield to St Pancras International 43073, 43044 .
1F15 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222011, 222015
1F13 St Pancras International to Nottingham 222016 formed my train from platform 2a. As we slide out of the station another Eurostar was coming in as empties 9S21 Temple Mills Recep. to St Pancras International 374002 .
Just south of Kentish Town my class 700 spotting resumed with 700104 on the 1W13 Bedford to Brighton train and at Cricklewood I managed to see 700019,700037, 700040 all stabled. In the Mill Hill area 700016 was 2O06 Sutton to St Albans City train having already gone around the Wimbledon loop line and come back up after I had seen it at Streatham earlier.
Radlett saw 700018 on 2E21 Luton to Sevenoaks and at Luton 700027 was on 2W21 Bedford to Three Bridges and seen at Flitwick. At the final Thameslink station of Bedford 700012 on the 2W23 Bedford to East Croydon and 700005 1W19 Bedford to Brighton completed my 700s for the morning.

Around the Sharnbrook Junction area was 222014 on 1C92 Derby to St Pancras International. At Wellingborough Engineers Siding was 66718 (thank to Darren for the ID). I’m not quite sure how I feel about this bold colourful livery, as I can’t remember seeing it before I was a little surprised and missed the ID lol. At Leicester 1B26 Nottingham to St Pancras International was 222018 As we pulled out and passed the depot I managed to note: 56038, 56031, 56077, 56106, 37884.
2L63 Leicester to Lincoln Central 158858 was overtaken at Sileby. At Loughborough 168325 was ECS and approaching the station from the sidings and the only thing I can see it could be was the 5??? Loughborough Brush to Wembley LMD.
East Midlands Parkway revealed 156404 on 2L56 Lincoln Central to Leicester.
I arrived at Long Eaton about 2 minutes late and managed to get a photo of my 222 as it left. Then once the camera away 170638 stopped with 1M00 Cardiff Central to Nottingham.

Now came the walk to Toton Depot. It took about an hour to get to the depot in total, including a scramble up a bank side to get on the old track bed to over look the aggregates area and then follow the small trail to the South Head Shunt area.
60070 & 67064 at Toton South Head Shunt
There sat the following:
325008, 60070, 60064, 60073, 60041, 60012, 60013, 60052, 60034, 60 UID in EWS.
60017 at Toton
60017 in DB Red made an appearance and it’s the first Tug I’ve seen in motion in a very long time. I made a very long fruitless walk to the big A road to see if I could get on the bridge from the West side/Bennet Street side of the depot and it was impossible. So a local bus (£2.30 well spent) back to the big ASDA store and then over the footbridge (a good location for passing trains but useless for the depot). I chose the bridleway this time and after what seemed like hours I managed to see 66139 in EWS doing a bit of shunting but the photo was spoiled by the amount of bush/weeds in the way.

Along the bridleway I walked and finally came to the ‘Up Sidings’ so from left to right I could clearly see and photograph: 60067, 60032, 60060, 60086, 60050, 60088, 60018, 60027, 60037, 60042, 60097, 60014, 60025.
The other side of the though line by the depot is 60068, 60058, 60065.
The North Head Shunt had 66008, 66081, 66141 on it.
On shed were: 60024, 66022, 66152, 66528
To the East Side of the shed was an UID 66 in EWS and a UID 66 in DB Red and 66021 was just to the left as you looked at the shed.
TMD South End: 60051, 60500, 60003.
Nearer the south end of the yard on the main siding was 66774.
As I was making my way down the bank Top towards the food bridge 6X01 Scunthorpe Trent T.C. to Eastleigh East Yard
passed with 66118 but the photos I got were blurry and blocked by weeds.
Down the quagmire of a path (thanks horse riders for churning up the path!!!) to the footbridge and the long walk to the station. It did seem to take a lot longer going back as I kept slowing down as my legs and feet were beginning to play up.
I made it to the station with about 20 minutes to spare. Sitting at Long Eaton eating my lunch four trains passed while I ate (photos of all were taken).;
1D61 Birmingham New Street o Nottingham 170638 (The one I had seen at earlier).
1F30 St Pancras International to Sheffield 222005 passed through fast.
1V10 Nottingham to Cardiff Central 170111, again a non stopper.
and 2N39 Matlock to Newark Castle 153319 which stopped.
My train came in 1C47 Sheffield to St Pancras International 222022 which I took to Leicester.
My feet were really hurting as was my knee so I decided against walked to the bridge over the railway and instead walked to the end of the platform. From there I could get a couple of photos of the following in the depot:
37670, 37503, 37510, 56038, 56065, 37905, 46060, 56032, 56006, 56007, 37884, 56081, 56098. (Thanks to Aws87024 on UKRail Forum for the missing locos numbers).
1B48 Nottingham to St Pancras International 43059, 43048 took me back to London.
Passing Kettering 222014 was on 1P49 Corby to St Pancras International at Bedford I was pleasantly surprised to see 150109 arriving with 2S17 Bletchley to Bedford (now that is a line I fancy doing).
At Luton Airport Parkway I began seeing 700s again with 2W45 Bedford to Three Bridges 700023 being the first. At St Albans City 700008 was on 2V79 Luton to Sutton and stabled at Cricklewood was 700040, 700037, 700025, 222020, 700019.
59201 was a bit of a surprise at St Pancras Churchyard Sidings in Gbrf livery having arrived on 6M20 Whatley Quarry to St Pancras Churchyard Sidings.
On arrival I managed a shot of the rear power car that got me to London and 4019 at the country end of 9O36 St Pancras International to Paris Nord and likewise 373215 on the country end of 9I33 Bruxelles Midi to St Pancras International. I could just make out 374018 on the front of 9O40 St Pancras International to Paris Nord.
I walked down the platform and 222101 was readying for 1D49 St Pancras International to Nottingham. Rather than go down the the Thameslink platforms and end up on a pair of 377/5s I walked to the stops end of the station and saw that 374019 had 374020 on the other end. Likewise 373215 had 373216 and 374418 had 374417 Is this the norm? Have I been assuming that the numbers are the same both ends ?
Down and over to the Southeastern high speed side again and two nice gateline chaps let me through to get a couple of photos. 1L44 St Pancras International to Sandwich 395012 and 1J48 St Pancras International to Faversham 395027. Then down to the Thameslink platforms.
3J75 Bedford CS to Bellingham Sidings 319445.
2O81 St Albans City to Sutton 319217.
2E55 Sevenoaks to West Hampstead Thamelsink 700016 (again).
2W44 Three Bridges to Bedford 700005.
2V68 Sutton to St Albans City 700036.
2W47 Bedford to Three Bridges700005 both a cop for sight AND haulage!
At Blackfriars 700010 was on 2W46 Three Bridges to Bedford, at Elephant & Castle 700031 was on 2V70 Sutton to St Albans City and before I reached Loughborough Junction 700007 made an appearance on 3E73 Bellingham Sidings to Elephant & Castle. 700109 was noted at West Norwood with 2W48 Three Bridges to Bedford and the last item of the day was 1W90 Brighton to Bedford formed of 700107.

A well earned rest and painkillers was had LOL.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage.
Items in RED New Sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info is in ORANGE


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