Tuesday’s Offerings (28/03/2017)

Hello Everybody …

It’s 08:30 and nothing of note at the moment. That said, there is something interesting tomorrow. 0Z50 is reported on the se-gen yahoo group is a loco move from Kidderminster S.V.R. to the Bluebell Railway. By all accounts 20182 and 20205 will be bringing 50035 and 50049 down on this path. I’m hoping to bring camera to work so I can pop up to the station after work for a few shots when they pass.

Back to Today.
Due to a numpty I missed 6V60 Ardingly to Acton but at 11:56 7V50 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Acton T.C. passed with a shiny 59004 at the front. 66161 was at the head of 7Y36 1031 Cliffe Brett Marine to Crawley Foster Yeoman.
59103 sauntered past on 7O68 Acton T.c. to Purley Foster Yeoman and shortly after 66089 was on 6M00 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Wembley Eur Fgt Ops Cntre.

As usual Items in BLUE are Haulage.
Items in RED New Sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’)
Updated info is in ORANGE
Total 2017 ‘cops’ = 87
Total Miles 2017 = Coming Soon
Last New Sighting = 387146/147 22/03/2017
Last New Haulage = 350371 2N08 BLE-EUS 19/03/2017
Newest Route = Watford Junction to St. Albans Abbey.


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