Grey Wednesday Obs

By ‘eck it’s grim out there … well grey and overcast. Still the spotting has been good so far (at 10:00).

1W82 Brighton to Bedford 700105 passed at 08:26.
5Z89 Selhurst T&RSMD to Beltchley T.M.D. 387152 sat just on the spur before heading off.
6V62 Ardingly to Acton T.C. was 59205.
The sun is out and
7O68 Acton T.C. to Purley Forster Yeoman is 59103.
6Y91 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 66713.
All sightings at Selhurst unless otherwise stated.

Haulage marked: .
New Sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’): .
Photographed marked: .
Total 2017 ‘cops’ = 270
Total Miles 2017 = Coming Soon
Last New Sighting = 66171, 66185 30/05/2017.
Last New Haulage = 2S13 1201 Bletchley to Bedford 150105 (04/05/2017).
Newest Route = Aylesbury to Princes Risborough and Bletchley to Bedford (04/05/2017).


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