Just A Quickie.

Just a quick trip to Victoria and back today. Selhurst: 6V60 Ardingly to Acton T.C. 59202 running 61 late. 2P33 Caterham to Victoria (Selhurst to Victoria) 9m 31ch . Victoria: 2M56 Victoria to Orpington 465196, 465174. 1Z26 Victoria to Hastings 375618, 375818. 2D56 Orpington to Victoria 465181. 2Y03 Victoria to Caterham (Victoria to Selhurst) 377153, … Continue reading Just A Quickie.


Over To Oxford – 29/08/2017.

Lots going on in life at the moment but this week I have a week off (VERY needed). Today was susposed to be going on the Waterloo to Tonbridge via the Linford Curve, but late last night plans were changed due to the Network Rails change. Selhurst at 08:30: 1D36 0815 London Victoria to Gatwick … Continue reading Over To Oxford – 29/08/2017.

Sun, Sheds and the Dungeon

So my lass wanted to go to York yesterday to the York Dungeon and the shops (My feet are now killing me!!!) So an early start was made: Selhurst: 2V98 Selhurst to Bedford (Selhurst to St Pancras International) 700037 . Streatham: 5O00 Cricklewood South Sidings to Sutton (Surrey) 700036. Herne Hill: 1W03 Bedford to Brighton … Continue reading Sun, Sheds and the Dungeon

Rain Rain Go Away …

Oh forget it !!!! It came down all day and it wasn't exactly nice for our trip out on the Chiltern Trains Parliamentarian. On another day (i.e. not raining) South Ruislip would be a great location for spotting especially platform 3. Selhurst: 2R05 Sutton to Victoria (SElhurst to Victoria) 377152, 377323, 377305 . Victoria: Victoria … Continue reading Rain Rain Go Away …