Sun, Sheds and the Dungeon

So my lass wanted to go to York yesterday to the York Dungeon and the shops (My feet are now killing me!!!)

So an early start was made:

2V98 Selhurst to Bedford (Selhurst to St Pancras International) 700037 .

5O00 Cricklewood South Sidings to Sutton (Surrey) 700036.

Herne Hill:
1W03 Bedford to Brighton 700044.

2W94 Three Bridges to Bedford 700101.

Kings Cross:
1S05 Kings Cross to Edinbrugh (Kings Cross to York) 91109,82225
1S06 Kings Cross to Edinburgh 91106
1D04 Kings Cross to Leeds 91114
Thunderbird 67030

Ferme Park:
Stabled 700118,700112

Bounds Green Depot:
Barrier coaches:; 6352, 6353.

Stabled 170271,66775

Stabled 56096, 56105, 66079, 66428,66109 ,67010

1E38 Birmingham New Street to Newcastle 220221
1P21 York to Manchester Airport 185130
1P14 Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough 185126
1B16 York to Blackpool North 158756
2C30 Leeds to York 144015
Stabled 150273
1E13 Inverness to Kings Cross 43367,43360
1A65 Sunderland to Kings Cross 43423,43465
1Y86 York to Kings Cross 91117,82205
Stabled 47237,47245
1B19 Blackpool North to York 158843
1E17 Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle 185122
1P34 Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough 185132
1F69 Newcastle to Liverpool Lime Street 185151
1E14 Edinburgh to Kings Cross (York to Kings Cross) 91109,82225
2R98 Hull to York 158795
1S43 Penzance to Glasgow Central 221125

4E84 1217 Peak Forest Cemex Sdgs to Selby Potter Group 66174
Stabled 08669
4E26 0810 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Scunthorpe Redbourn Sdg 66142
6E42 0715 Cliffe Hill Stud Farm Gbrf to Doncaster Up Decoy 66763
Stabled 66079
4D08 0930 Cottam Power Station Gbrf to Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf 66736

Peterborough Virtual Gbrf:
4Z81 1145 Masborough N&W Gbrf to Felixstowe North Gbrf 66765
Stabled 66766

Stabled 67024
1D19 Kings Cross to Leeds 91131, 82205

Kings Cross
Thunderbird 67030
1T00 1644 London Kings Cross to Kings Lynn 387112, 387103,

St Pancras International
1E03 Bedford to Sevenoaks 700006
2V91 Luton to Sutton (Surrey) 700016
1W90 Brighton to Bedford 700113
1G75 Elephant and Castle to Bedford 700039
2O78 Sutton (Surrey) to Luton 700040
1W47 Bedford to Brighton 700018

1W92 Three Bridges to Bedford 700101

City Thameslink:
1V80 Sutton (Surrey) to Bedford 700032

1F93 Blackfriars to Ashford International 375602,377508
2E97 Sevenoaks to St Albans 700014

South of Blackfriars:
1W94 Brighton to Bedford 700111

Elephant & Castle:
1G77 Elephant and Castle to Bedford 700026

Herne Hill:
2W50 Three Bridges to Bedford 700037
2A50 Ashford International to Victoria 465038,466042
2V84 Sutton (Surrey) to St Albans 700031

Crystal Palace:
1W96 Brighton to Bedford 700114

Bromley Jn:
2W32 Three Bridges to Bedford 700117

East Croydon:
1W80 Brighton to Bedford 700102
2W54 Three Bridges to Bedford 700043
2P65 Caterham to Victoria (East Croydon to Selhurst 455825,455837
1E49 Bedford to Brighton 700044

Haulage marked: .
New Sightings/Haulage (aka ‘cops’): .
Photographed marked: .
Total 2017 ‘cops’ = 314
Total Miles 2017 = Coming Soon
Last New Sighting = 700117 10/08/2017.
Last New Haulage = 1S05 Kings Cross to Edinburgh (Kings Cross to York) 91109 (04/05/2017).
Newest Route = South Ruislip to Paddington (09/08/2017).


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