Snowy Wednesday

Morning my loyal and faithful follower. It's a bit chilly again and there appears to be a bit of smow out there ... bit of a surprise that (note sarcasm). LOL Right first things first 700s allocated today off Horsham: 700128 - 5F78 700114 - 5C04 700132 - 5J58. Secondly ... Will keep you up … Continue reading Snowy Wednesday


By ‘eck it’s chilly

A little detour from the usual this loco did this service and that loco did that freight (UPDATE 13:28: Today's sightings at the bottom) ... SNOW ! Yesterday it was rather amusing. Using East Croydon as the base, I looked at the number of trains cancelled between 08:00 - 1600 on Realtimetrains and I was … Continue reading By ‘eck it’s chilly

Class 707s updated and future?

Well it appears we are awaiting the last ones to be delivered. Near the bottom is an updated list of the delivery dates South Western Trains do not look like they are likely to keep the units as they have ordered new stock from Bombardier. So what next? To my mind the class 313/2s down … Continue reading Class 707s updated and future?